We cut the Front off the AWD 4 Rotor RX-7! Tube Time

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Rob Dahm

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Gio Dezera
Gio Dezera پیش سال
Rob: "I don't want to build a race car" RX7: I have no floor. 😂
AR STEM LABS پیش سال
Sick and awesome build, and way to go for encouraging others! QF..."Positive Camber" is used on oval track race cars, on one-side. Keep up the great work RD!
Evo Designs
Evo Designs پیش سال
you should race b is for build
Gonzo پیش سال
Nice Guard on that grinder. Remember bro. Safety First.
Bryan Roupe
Bryan Roupe پیش سال
Does anyone know what color that paint or dip is called ?
反骨水 پیش سال
imagine steel/aluminum chips falling into the exhaust port 3 months later *crank* *crank* *crank*
Civic Myth
Civic Myth پیش سال
Hey Handsome Rob!!!😃😃
Austin Brooks
Austin Brooks پیش سال
What type of engineering would this be
Mr Boy533
Mr Boy533 پیش سال
Have you seen Fredric Aasbo’s Tailspin?
TFETTER پیش سال
You need to leave a little bit of that "Michigan" inside the frame before you button it up Rob.
Melissa Holland’s Biggest Fan
Melissa Holland’s Biggest Fan پیش سال
For your next rx7 build make it an AWD twin single turbo 13bs
asyraf addanan
asyraf addanan پیش سال
hey rob, are you dead??????
fc4eli پیش سال
Close your eyes and listen to 11:45 to 11:59. Thank your daddy Dahm.
Tylor Miranda
Tylor Miranda پیش سال
I need my fix!
Soy Rigby
Soy Rigby پیش سال
Jeffrey Cecil
Jeffrey Cecil پیش سال
dangit Rob, just live stream a view of the mazda if youre sleeping or somethin lol. its been two days since this was uploaded and you're creating a mob of inquisitive, drooling car enthusiasts who are hungry for new content to dream about!
Jeff Ferguson
Jeff Ferguson پیش سال
So much math and know how with suspension. Mind blowing!
off7hewall پیش سال
Where are the videos, Robert?
Adam Richardson
Adam Richardson پیش سال
Safety glasses, check. Guard on the cutoff wheel? No time for that...
Costa پیش سال
wheres my video rob
Prince پیش سال
closer towards the end of the build you'll have to raise it again xD cause of the weight of everything that will be in there. but it's smart to lower it while fitting the intercooler and all the tubing.
Ben پیش سال
12:27 there a bolt in the way
Frank پیش سال
Every please like this comment so rob can see this lol irpost.info/face/fy-lm-h-y/l6edl8LTxn2beak.html
Gabe Gonsoulin
Gabe Gonsoulin پیش سال
That axle piece is supposed to go all the way in btw
Alvvnc پیش سال
grinder cover maybe? tragedy could happen anytime :( and SAFETY FIRST!!
Upex پیش سال
Hey Rob, Ive been thinking about your oil filter setup and I dont think its gonna be good enough hear me out. So im a liquid filter tech and ive never seen screens used in anything that anybody cares about. actual filters have so much engineering put into them to filter out any contaminates and putting that aside is just kinda stupid imo. if screens really did work well then people who actually know what theyre doing would use them more. look at huge generators that have to run for 1000s of hours at a time. they have 2, 3 or sometimes 4 filters set up to filter everything at a high rate through their gigantic filters, and honestly i think thats what you should do. I mean, do what you want. but i would suggest having canister filters set up for your oil filtration - or maybe even have the screen before the canister filters - but not just the screen alone.
Icy Ledge
Icy Ledge پیش سال
Is this the worlds first 4 rotor not made by Mazda or a race team or is that Mazzei?
walk8771 پیش سال
It’s always a good idea to grease every bolt that your gonna take out again. I’ve had broken bolts in my frame and it could’ve been avoided with just some simple grease (the frame was a lil rusty tho so)
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson پیش سال
Real question. It was at that shop that built the whole chassis. Why not have them do this while they had it? Change in plans?
mrawesomelemons پیش سال
Why are those wishbones so big and probably heavy? It seems like they can be twice as small and still handle the load.
kjlropeaccess پیش سال
Looks like v2or 3 for the front uprights that incorporates the castor mount!
Riku پیش سال
Rob Dahm: Anybody can do this, I'm not even a mechanic *literally being the most experienced rotary guy ever with the first billet 4 rotor*
Zantrop64 پیش سال
An awd 4rotor with crazy suspension system, and it's not going to rally. I'd love to see a rotary rally car tho
Ricardo Lugo
Ricardo Lugo پیش سال
ItsReallyJ پیش سال
Found another awesome sema build! One day ill be there too.
Joshua Simmons
Joshua Simmons پیش سال
No way in hell will this project be done by sema!! You are way to slow in everything you do!! You are at least 5 months behind where you need to be to have a running driving enclosed car! So looking forward to se3 the ep3 when you say you are jot making it to sema!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
andrewdini panda
andrewdini panda پیش سال
ZACKS240SX پیش سال
Just do a v mount
Steve cuthbert
Steve cuthbert پیش سال
Rob is that your name carved into those front shock arms?
Nathan Zondlo
Nathan Zondlo پیش سال
"1 month to SEMA!..." stop me if you've heard this one before
Troy Dority
Troy Dority پیش سال
Rob we know your transmission can take your mph way high on its own but what about getting it to the tires? Since your background depicts electrical and software with working on your car nechanical failures would be your downfall. Is the horsepower evenly distributed between all drive shafts or have you been able to test or see others use high hp axles and drivetrains similar to? I would just like to know how evenly hp is devided for maximum efficiency to be put to whatever road your on so maybe a feature like traction control can be added. Evenly distributed power means less the ecu has to work to correct these things
Troy Dority
Troy Dority پیش سال
Just hoping not to see a wheel drag or overdrive than the rest and run into a wall by accident be safe my friend! Love your work!
Cole Stuff
Cole Stuff پیش سال
irpost.info/face/fy-lm-h-y/zYyXzdWvtn24qI8.html Rob you got competition
Jarmund پیش سال
can this thing be even called an rx7 at this point?
Electrode پیش سال
as far as the single shear question the other thing I've seen where that's not possible is a large washer under the head of the bolt, so if the spherical joint pops out, the bolt head can't go through it
Racingboom The Pleb
Racingboom The Pleb پیش سال
*B I L L E T*
luisGone407 پیش سال
Love the vids man awesome build cant wait to see it done you need a outro leaves me hanging like damn thsts it lol keep it up man
Damo_2j پیش سال
You could adjust the lower control arm out further to give you more negative camber if it's still an issue, or for fine adjustment if the top has to be maxxed in
M21z پیش سال
That grinder is not very safe
Java Jack
Java Jack پیش سال
Where's Jared hanging out at these days?..
Anyau! پیش سال
but y tho
Scott Gregory
Scott Gregory پیش سال
That dude fabricating is so impressive. I’ve been amazed since that custom fuel cell. It looked like a machine created those welds.
Scott Gregory
Scott Gregory پیش سال
I love your work and content, but seeing perfect aluminum hand welds gives me a feeling!
Chance Lee
Chance Lee پیش سال
Everything is good about the car besides one thing The Steering Wheel
ben perry
ben perry پیش سال
Man you can 100% get a v mount radiator and inter cooler set up behind that suspension set up if your going all out go all out
Jon Cooper
Jon Cooper پیش سال
Keep up the good work rob 👍
Rider Made
Rider Made پیش سال
“We added 5 more years of work”
Timothy Bell
Timothy Bell پیش سال
7:35 "Anybody can do this"... if they're rich.
Jose Marquez
Jose Marquez پیش سال
A pneumatic billet bender
Abdullah Arab
Abdullah Arab پیش سال
mcmastercarr is your best friend for engineering, getting models of every thing down to the last nut
Mike Larsen
Mike Larsen پیش سال
Hey Rob just keeping my loyalty .. watching you instead of Cleeter ✌
Myron Ybarra
Myron Ybarra پیش سال
The upper rod end for the front control arm doesn't need to be in double shear (although it is safer). You can keep it in single shear and use a safety washer especially for the rod end. That will ensure that if the bearing of the rod end fails, it's captured. I would be more concerned with the rod end orientation. It's ALWAYS better to have a rod end oriented radially (on its side) than axially (on its back). Rod ends are fail tested/rated radially. When they are mounted axially, they lose about 90% of their strength/resistance to failure. On the upper control arm, you won't likely come across those forces but for lower control arms, mounting axially is something your should avoid.
Step Barnhouse
Step Barnhouse پیش سال
What is this car made for
Not J
Not J پیش سال
Want to get more camber? Thin out those lock nuts.
James L
James L پیش سال
Thank you! Finally someone that builds a car understands most things yes bolt on, but also DON'T bolt on right! Haha one hour project 3 weeks you get the web done
Not J
Not J پیش سال
And you want to put some space between the radiator and intercooler, why? So that you get some turbulence in the airflow, it escapes through the sides and you get less cooing from your coolant radiator? Got it.
Josh McDermott
Josh McDermott پیش سال
What booth will you be at for sema? I need to see this in person!
Catchertony پیش سال
Rob has taken the title from cleetus as favorite youtuber. Thanks fucker 🤟🏻
Dan Brice
Dan Brice پیش سال
irpost.info/face/fy-lm-h-y/pqCpl8us23y-mq0.html. You keep saying first four rotor? I'm still impressed by your build bro, but first? Lol. First AWD four rotor yes!
Shane Hanson
Shane Hanson پیش سال
Why not have an electric fan between the intercooler and radiator?
M L پیش سال
Using that saw to hack shit up reminds me of streetspeed717 lol
lane D
lane D پیش سال
I’m no billet 4 rotor expert but I don’t know if that’s gonna be enough cooling to keep it running in a high load or high rev application for a long amount of time
ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ
ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ پیش سال
F%cking leaves, man. So tired of digging leaves out of my car. I need to build a carport.
081588101 پیش سال
im 100% sure almost nobody could have done that.
Remko Kentrop
Remko Kentrop پیش سال
"This will take of a 10th of a second on the 1/4mile." Surely this isn't just a 1/4mile dragcar? Not that it wouldn't absolutely own the 1/4mile, I can't help thinking that tricksuspension is more towards twisty stuff?
Gosh پیش سال
positive camber actually does have some usage. in drag racing, some positive camber is useful to cause the tread to evenly be on the floor with the soft damping. it causes less inner tire burns over the runs.
sylenceexposed پیش سال
That is such a clean RX-7. It’s 1 of the nicest ones I’ve seen. It was tough seeing the front being cut off like that but hey if it’s going to send I’m sure you guys will have it mint again soon
Kim Soerensen
Kim Soerensen پیش سال
(some of) the front bits fell off!
Anthony Paterson
Anthony Paterson پیش سال
pls use a guard on your grinder
A. D
A. D پیش سال
billet chassis? maybe?
Flexgado24 پیش سال
The chassis is like 25% a FD sooo much cutting off this Rx-7.
kyle budd
kyle budd پیش سال
It’s called positive camber not reverse haha. And the only good is found in some recreation vehicles and tractors lol. But dude your killing it and you have motivated me to get back out in the garage and build again!!
Aaron Teague
Aaron Teague پیش سال
Any millionaire* can do this
Gilbey پیش سال
It’s not a RX7 anymore I’d call it a rx-10 at least.
Craig Mercer
Craig Mercer پیش سال
You need a frame table!
Daniel Bargas
Daniel Bargas پیش سال
The part about this car that I hate is you took a completely functional rx7 and have cut away just about everything that made it an rx7, so essentially you cut up an entire car for a roof skin and door shells. I just find that to be the biggest waste out there, why not get some car that was wrecked and never going to be fixed to build a tube chassis car instead of what used to be a super clean rx7
Gari Hughes
Gari Hughes پیش سال
So cringe watching someone use a grinder without a guard.
mortaché de muerte
mortaché de muerte پیش سال
"We're gonna keep the VIN number because clearly this is an RX7"
K Maul
K Maul پیش سال
Cut it up it's now a door slammer 1400 classes keep doing what ur doing cant wait for the final product
500nickp پیش سال
Use slimmer lock nuts on the control arms to get your adjustment back.
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane پیش سال
8:09 And CNC'd blocks of aircraft-grade aluminum. [edit: Please use non-corrosive fasteners(nut, bolt, screw, etc). You will love not seeing rust and galvanic corrosion. And use high strength bolts on anywhere steering related! Go Billet all the way, or use stainless steel!]
Rotor Ryan
Rotor Ryan پیش سال
Skeletal cut steel is strong and lighter than billet aluminum. Might need a 6 axis but you might appreciate the new news. Your using the mill wrong lmao
Shona پیش سال
Little known fact: The Japanese flag is actually a pie chart for, "How much of Robs RX-7, is no longer RX-7."
The Kitty Channel
The Kitty Channel پیش سال
7:40 "I'm doing it! And so can you!" Such bullshit rob. You obviously have a lot more money than the rest of us, and can hire guys to work for you. I can't do that no matter how hard I try.
Tony Gibbons
Tony Gibbons پیش سال
Change the locking nuts for half nuts on your wish bones
The Kitty Channel
The Kitty Channel پیش سال
I just wanna say that this channel is amazing!!!
Levin Trueno
Levin Trueno پیش سال
This hurt
MafiaboysWorld پیش سال
You're Dahm right anyone can do this Rob. 😉👍 I am a little jealous at the space you have to work. 👍 As for hydrochloric acid, that crap sent me to hospital and 6mths of recovery from breathing the fumes. 😡
Dor Bink
Dor Bink پیش سال
Rob the caint finish Dahm
REsuperGRX7 پیش سال
1:37 supercuts haircuts for the sema show, poor rob looks a little sleep deprived
Daniel Hoyle
Daniel Hoyle پیش سال
When you say Monday that actually means Tuesday for us in NZ :(
Daniel Hoyle
Daniel Hoyle پیش سال
@REsuperGRX7 its spring time here so some really heavy rain for a few days then warmer weather. Everyone is hard out getting cars prepared for some summer racing.
REsuperGRX7 پیش سال
hows NZ this time of year? i drift in the snow in december where i live
Einzel Motorsport
Einzel Motorsport پیش سال
8:41 just when you thought it was getting better, adjustable wrench😂😂
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