UPS lost my 4 Rotor Clutch. Yay

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Rob Dahm

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Sealions__ پیش 3 ماه
This is exactly what ups does if anyone messes up with your package and it doesn’t get a tracking label or someone rips it off boom ups is gonna open your package and if there’s not another sticker they will send your package to amazon to resell
Driveformer پیش 3 ماه
It has to be regional, FedEx ruins everything for me and UPS is great in my area
suravian666 پیش 3 ماه
if I were you and I didn't want to take UPS to Court for Losing my shit Repeatedly. I would Purposefully Tell every company I work with to NOT ship anything I order to me through UPS and that I'll pay More. Don't care if it's inconvenient for the other company I would Tell them I have engine's basically stolen by ups and that I want my parts shipped through anything other than UPS
Anthony Genovese
Anthony Genovese پیش 5 ماه
Postal services are just shit in general. Don't get me started on Australia post
ryan stewart
ryan stewart پیش 7 ماه
Let's just cry about how things go!!!? I guess we all need a good cry.
Union Pacific
Union Pacific پیش 9 ماه
Tony Burt
Tony Burt پیش 9 ماه
This just in: UPS lost Deboss Garage's custom clutch as well! - coincidence or conspiracy?
Asir Maimani
Asir Maimani پیش 11 ماه
I always hated UPS. I feel someone in UPS is building a car using your parts.
Gio Dezera
Gio Dezera پیش سال
204 Fucktards thumbed this down. Good job.
banmadabon پیش سال
Pathetic...A grown up man (obviously very sleep deprived) throwing a tantrum about the evil of the delivery gods...For a moment a believed you would have start crying...Have a life!
Xxkringe xX
Xxkringe xX پیش سال
Ups bouta catch these hands
Ben Whitney
Ben Whitney پیش سال
It could be the location you are in? UPS in Colorado has put it down for years for me (FedEX also is awesome!)...and all I do is constantly buy stuff online. Atleast every week I get like 5+ packages. My local post office on the other hand......F's stuff up constantly, has lost so many of my packages and mail, just disappears off the face of the earth. I go in to pick up a package and it takes them 20 min in their tiny office to find where they have stashed it. UPS will get in a delay but they never have lost any of my packages. So that leads me to believe it is your local sorting facility. I get so many packages though I completely understand if some get lost... life is confusing and sometimes shit happens. So give them foos a break you damn dickhead! (ha just kidding)
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Sic Semper Tyrannis پیش سال
Rob. Stop using UPS... They have lost alot of your parts. Your engine. Everything. Stop using their service and giving them money.
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Sic Semper Tyrannis پیش سال
Lol IRpost tells me this was uploaded 1min ago but I watched it days ago.
Charl Tintinger
Charl Tintinger پیش سال
And it still shows as being looked for. Useless crunts cant even get their status correct.
snikwad003 پیش سال
Sick rant bro🤘🏻 FedEx is usually the one that that fucks up my stuff, glad you got it in the long run🇺🇸
Tyler Stafford
Tyler Stafford پیش سال
Seems like yesterday they lost the eccentric shaft
Mitchell Mitchell
Mitchell Mitchell پیش سال
You’re building a half million dollar car. Find another vendor to produce that clutch even if it runs another 10k, then sue for damages when the dust settles.
Mitchell Mitchell
Mitchell Mitchell پیش سال
What’s the purpose of this car build? Racing? Show? Crazy street car? I mean that tube frame says it all
Derek Holden
Derek Holden پیش سال
You gotta stress to the companies you work with that "PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK, DON'T SHIP TO ME WITH UPS!" man x_x
Tim's Perspective
Tim's Perspective پیش سال
Henry_Family_Vlogs !!!!
Henry_Family_Vlogs !!!! پیش سال
I feel so damn bad for this guy.. and I feel him because ups fucked me over plenty of time even on insurance money
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson پیش سال
Poor Rob, its so unfortunate that UPS wants him to just LS swap it. I wonder what UPS has against rotaries.
Karl Reitz
Karl Reitz پیش سال
You, know UPS used to go by BROWN Shipment. You know what else is brown, SHIT! I to have have more then a few lost shipments from that horrible company. I like Fed Ex best.
chris miller
chris miller پیش سال
Package then arrives the next day after he posted this
Josh Walters
Josh Walters پیش سال
Papa Dee
Papa Dee پیش سال
8:06...I believe you!
tiyanet patebon
tiyanet patebon پیش سال
i've been checking this video 2 times a day and stil no update for the clutch, anybody tried to track that package lately?
Aleksandras Lukoit
Aleksandras Lukoit پیش سال
saw update down below that it's on a new tracking number and should arrive today.
Aleksandras Lukoit
Aleksandras Lukoit پیش سال
still shows "We've begun an investigation to locate the package." as of 21st.
Who's That
Who's That پیش سال
Anyone check Ebay lol
AlexZander Muro
AlexZander Muro پیش سال
Keep your chin up Rob, your racing helmet is falling. Praying for you and your clutch brother.
Wind of change
Wind of change پیش سال
you know those memes of people dressed up as a delivery guy kicking around and destroying your package ? Yeah, thats basically this lol. Jokes aside you can see Dahm is not fucking having it, just look those bags under his eyes. The man looks genuinely drained, from the stress, worry and lack of sleep all weeks before sema. In fact it sounds like his bordline about to tear up, you can even see his eyes glaze over a little. Hopefully this gets sorted as soon as possible and Rob gets atleast some rest, best of luck buddy, will all be worth it in the end.
lethaldescent پیش سال
DeMarco Draper
DeMarco Draper پیش سال
Any updates?
justdave100 پیش سال
Much respect for Rob holding it together here. I would be crying and fighting the world getting news like this.
enteringnickland پیش سال
You could always step in a bear trap, in the dark, with no cell coverage. You have two feet. Fred Flintstone baby!
Glockspecific پیش سال
Ups is bullshit fam, Usps all the time!
Bryan Cigliuti
Bryan Cigliuti پیش سال
Check eBay and amazon
Stelian Urs
Stelian Urs پیش سال
These fuckers from UPS got me to when my online ordered phone just disappared. It got all the way from China to my country and when it was already on the way to be delivered it suddenly "vanished".
Slow RC Mike
Slow RC Mike پیش سال
Wow ups really 👎🏽
Francois Dallaire
Francois Dallaire پیش سال
At lease isn't a weapon they lost!!
Hugo Martinez
Hugo Martinez پیش سال
What’s the number for UPS??? I’m gonna tattletale 😜
Norton Garage
Norton Garage پیش سال
Scanned at 950 pm kentucky 10/21/2019. Hope this helps.
Killer Curl
Killer Curl پیش سال
UPS coming in Clutch....
Poncho Lo
Poncho Lo پیش سال
This guy finally feel like I feel about my car parts shipment. Somebody at ups probably stole it and sold it on the street. Also sometime better to not let people know what you doing cause there will be people who will try take it.
Ricky Jimenez Jr
Ricky Jimenez Jr پیش سال
1Z5234214466436564 Is the tracking code. I couldn't find the code in the comments so I made my own.
Charl Tintinger
Charl Tintinger پیش سال
I've boycotted UPS long time back. I stopped using people that use their service where I can. Every little bit helps (like we say, in the UK).
Suprdave123 پیش سال
You really spent 500k so far on this project? dear god
Christopher Harry
Christopher Harry پیش سال
Cheap ain't unique and unique ain't cheap!
Michael Gardner
Michael Gardner پیش سال
Rob, I have time and a pickup truck. Need a parts runner?
Jesse Saarinen
Jesse Saarinen پیش سال 1Z5234214466436564
devon snitchler
devon snitchler پیش سال
U should hire a guy that goes and pics ur parts up so they dont get lost for sure
weebnextdoor پیش سال
you can hear it in his voice, i legit feel awful about this
Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez پیش سال
Christian Santiago
Christian Santiago پیش سال
Aye man we found your package, don’t worry it should be there tomorrow or the next day. Thanks for using UPS 🤙🏻😎
Christian Santiago
Christian Santiago پیش سال
Rosegold Beats lmao is it? Bet you it’s not 🤪😂
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats پیش سال
Gabriel Diaz
Gabriel Diaz پیش سال
Aye bro we found it, on its way 🤝🤝🤝
Jerome Espiritu
Jerome Espiritu پیش سال
It’s in Ontario as of 12:55am. You will receive it tomorrow
Aleksandras Lukoit
Aleksandras Lukoit پیش سال
Hell to the yes!
SMS Assessment
SMS Assessment پیش سال
@Rob Dahm So they managed to find it before it went to auction? ;)
Rob Dahm
Rob Dahm پیش سال
He’s correct. It’s on a new tracking number
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats پیش سال
It still says investigating
zevi 2000
zevi 2000 پیش سال
You held the employee hostage and now they are holding your clutch hostage. know what to do. Take all their drivers hostage now....they will go bankrupt if they can't deliver the packages.....
Caleb Gregory
Caleb Gregory پیش سال
Rob: The car is coming along great and so fast!! UPS: Ight, I’mma head out...
Sebastian Hernandez
Sebastian Hernandez پیش سال
Man I hope you get your parts bro ... man poured his blood sweat n tears into his dream just for someone to fuck it up smh
Tim Leary
Tim Leary پیش سال
Says it’s In Transit and after Hager z’s comment, you should still be SEMA bound- if not, all your effort is for fulfilling YOUR dream, and clearly we all share the desire and WANT to see someone do it.
Branden Wright
Branden Wright پیش سال
The package most likely went missing after the plane landed with it at the airport and ups PLUS airport bagging holy shit thats a mess I feel for you Rob thats some SHIT. They should atleast flip the bill for any inconveniences because they have fucked you so hard stopping the project twice. Idk how you do not find the nearest ups man and run him down grab them and say WHERE IS IT DAMNIT.
ZeroCooly پیش سال
for those who don't know, UPS lost the whole 4 rotor before, then they auctioned it off as unclaimed packages, then it was sold on ebay. then they fucked rob over and made him pay for the engine again, and did not reimburse him for the $1000 in shipping they never fucking accomplished, the insured value of the engine, or the actual engine. Then they fucked him over by forcing him to silence the public outcry that they basically just take peoples packages and sell them and keep everyones money. Shit company, there's a reason why amazon said fuck you ups, and found it justified to make their own shipping company than to use UPS.
A-Camp *
A-Camp * پیش سال
The first video in my recommendation is the "lost 4 Rotor found.... on ON EBAY!" Video. Typical
Cynical Miscreant
Cynical Miscreant پیش سال
Rob, Your package is in Ontario, your city. It is in your center somewhere. It was scanned to your center. Go to your center that serves your area. DONT CALL THE 1 800 NUMBER, GO TO YOUR CENTER, TALK TO THE PERSON ON THE GROUND. I am a UPS driver and even i know the people behind the screen are dipshits. Also, everyone has different experiences. I personally will never use fedex because I have never had a good experience with them.
Stephen M
Stephen M پیش سال
Hey Rob, I got a new idea for a reality TV show: UPS.
Lewis پیش سال
Jamie Nielson
Jamie Nielson پیش سال
2 days. Thats all it took for a community to completely swamp UPS on all social media telling them to find this clutch. That's all it took for multiple employees to raise 9 kinds and get people searching for it.. 2 days.. Think about that. The car community is a unrelenting force.
Amare Media
Amare Media پیش سال
They did that shit on purpose for flaming them when they sold your motor. You should look on eBay for your clutch. UPS is petty
Mark Watrous
Mark Watrous پیش سال
LS swap it. Bwahahaha.
A Sasani
A Sasani پیش سال
an employee inside ups is definitely sniping your packages
Jeremy Hill
Jeremy Hill پیش سال
Rob: can't wait to get this clutch today UPS: nah, not today
johnfischer06 پیش سال
Checked the tracking just now and it says "in transit." I hope we got it boyz
Somphoth Siratsamy
Somphoth Siratsamy پیش سال
Ur dumb as fuk, ups didn't lose it. You vlog ur shit. People fukn know what ur doing and what you have. U lost ur own shit.
Detached Garage
Detached Garage پیش سال
How.... IS.... THIS..... POSSIBLE!?!?!
Riderbronz پیش سال
Im sure your not that naive to think that people know the value of your project Rob could be 1 of your viewers stealing a package that they know expensive asf...if l was you l would really go discreet with the project now stop all videos and go underground till its built
Jwayne Donkson
Jwayne Donkson پیش سال
I bet after the four rotor was lost in that first event they are your name and just in purpose screw up I remember watching the videos on that and see all the bs you had to go through including having the police in some other state go and seize your motor.
Riderbronz پیش سال
Dude l would get the part in person worth it all in the end
Riderbronz پیش سال
Why u keep shipping with these idiots
Justin Jurica
Justin Jurica پیش سال
"What can brown do for you?" Absafuckinlutely Nothing!
Justin Jurica
Justin Jurica پیش سال
Man I feel real bad for you Rob! I did my best and wrote this everywhere I could. @ups You need to send a competent UPS Employee (fly if need be) to retrieve @robdahm 's custom clutch! If you know it is bouncing between locations get on the damn phone and notify a manager or have a company wide memo! There is no excuse for this! Look at your bragged about metrics for how many car parts are sent using your company.. This is seriously becoming a major PR issue. Find it! #findrobsclutch
Sweet Techno
Sweet Techno پیش سال
8 months and lost the package?! You have all the right to sue them...
Brian Wilkerson
Brian Wilkerson پیش سال
Itll show up at at sema I'm the ups booth.
Cyn Hicks
Cyn Hicks پیش سال
.."world work in my favor for once..." Lmao! 🤣🤣🤣
Dilbics Inc.
Dilbics Inc. پیش سال
Hayden Brown
Hayden Brown پیش سال
Thomas Johannesen
Thomas Johannesen پیش سال
XPO Logistics is the best shipping company I've ever used, hands down.
Kuj Gaming
Kuj Gaming پیش سال
seems like everything i get from ups is either crushed or has a hole in the box and is missing parts.
Squill brock
Squill brock پیش سال
We should just all tweet ups this video
TT_LSX_SUPRA پیش سال
All 4 times I’ve ordered anything that UPS shipped there was an issue. I could understand if it was once but 4 times in a row !?!??! U-P-S I-S T-R-A-S-H
Why Not Dead
Why Not Dead پیش سال
Everyone should know FedEx is faster, better. I get a FedEx package I'll get it decently early in the day well hidden if I'm not home or if I don't make it , ups will have my package arriving at night and just leave it out.
l4nc3r پیش سال
I've reached out to someone I know at UPS. I'm not sure if he can do anything from his position in the company, but I sent the call for help. :(
LaTiNfLy 77
LaTiNfLy 77 پیش سال
This is absolutely crazy & it happens all the time u can tell by the lack of effort it seems & if the tables were turned they would go after someone with a team of lawyers.
SlingSalsa پیش سال
I just stopped at my local ups DC to pickup a shipment, and out of curiosity I had them query you tracking number. Dude, you/whoever didn't put insurance on it, and it shows a physical scan in TN. Dude I pray they don't proper screw you because number two on the nono's list is " no items of unusual value...".
Brycenn Tinsleyy
Brycenn Tinsleyy پیش سال
FedEx gang gang
Seán پیش سال
Tracking: Number1Z5234214466436564 Satus: Date: 10/21/2019 11:39 A.M. Location: Ontario, CA, United States Activity: We've begun an investigation to locate the package. So the above information is the latest provided by UPS, a company I previously worked uses UPS, items would get lost in transit, alot. Any time an item showed "We've begun an investigation to locate the package." the item was was usually gauranteed lost and they could never locate it and always advised to file a claim. It honestly takes UPS no longer than 3/5 business days to be 100% certain they lost the package. Hopefully this gets resolved for you soon my dude!
Reso205 پیش سال
Why are you blaming UPS...its that company who did not listen to you and said ...FUCK YOU we will use UPS
Budd McStudd
Budd McStudd پیش سال
I got a shit sandwich 4 times the day you released this video, but I always tell myself someone out there has it worse. That someone was you Rob hope that clutch makes it your way. I can't wait to hear this car absolutely scream with power.
The Rez
The Rez پیش سال
Can't wait to see it on ebay
H4K Network
H4K Network پیش سال
Did they forget about the video response from the first time!
BigBeni TV
BigBeni TV پیش سال
Next video Rob unveils the new wrap for the 4 rotor. A UPS livery wrap.
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