The negativity.

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Rob Dahm

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It's a rant video so i titled it like every Gen Z Vlogger haha makes it easier to tell its about nothing other than me wasting oxygen
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Jerry Ponce
Jerry Ponce پیش روز
Haterz gonna hate ! 🥳
austin parker
austin parker پیش 2 روز
Keep doing you rob! Your videos along with others are inspiration to those of us with the same mindset as you. I feel bad for the ones that live their life in hate and anger. Thanks for all the content!
The Hat
The Hat پیش 3 روز
i wish i could work with you together. you sound like a honest, nice guy
Charles Hernandez
Charles Hernandez پیش 3 روز
Rob said no one csn take it away from him other than alzheimer's which is true but funny aswell, keep on doing your thing rob I liked the intense launch vid of your 4 rotor it was bad ass👍🏼
Michael Groves
Michael Groves پیش 4 روز
Hey Rob, all those people are the ones that go to everyone channels and talk crap!! They have no lives and can't cope with their lives that they have to do that to try to make themselves feel better because they are sick hopeless people. I'm glad you don't listen and let them get any kind of satisfaction getting under your skin.
LostFart پیش 6 روز
I'm exactly the same as Rob! I do almost everything myself so I can learn for myself and apply myself to make myself better. I just don't feel the same success when I ask someone else to do something for me, especially if I can do it myself. Obviously Rob doesn't have all the time in the world to do everything, so he will have to lend out a job or two from time and time again. Duh. Love you Rob, keep up the good work my friend!
Trent Harvey
Trent Harvey پیش 8 روز
Hey Rob, let the haters hate. They're just a bunch of jealous pricks. I commend you on your work and efforts.
Maybe Human
Maybe Human پیش 9 روز
With all due respect, I just found your channel today and rather enjoy it. But that is a very immature rant. All user interaction is a net positive for your channel, even the negative comments. Sounds like someone hit a nerve.
Mark Enfante
Mark Enfante پیش 10 روز
Don’t listen to them Rob. This build is a journey the rest of us enjoy watching.
Senor Spaghette
Senor Spaghette پیش 14 روز
Incoming daily motivation, express delivered for you 😁😁 "Rotor man dumb" Good shit laying it out and saying it how it is. Got onto your channel all of 4 days ago and ive watched nearly every video since the corvette build. Youre a legend!!
ashskyline32 پیش 17 روز
Such a legend ! Go rob
bufalo App
bufalo App پیش 18 روز
♥️♥️♥️♥️from =>🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿 and i love ur philosophie . Lets do it 💨💨💨
Open Roader
Open Roader پیش 18 روز
Rob, your kicking ass and blazing your own way. The YT comment section has morphed into a toxic dump. The bigger the channel, the bigger the % of A-Holes commenting. Video's like this are important to clear your mind and free your soul. Keep up the hard work, it's paying off!
Ethan Wang
Ethan Wang پیش 20 روز
Drinking to much
Auddio Duck
Auddio Duck پیش 20 روز
Your good bro 🙌🏼
Yo Rob you are the reason why I stay committed to my projects bro and I love your content but for real though you make me think I can dooo anything and all I have to do is push through it 💯
Cedric Guerin
Cedric Guerin پیش 21 روز
Even if you have loads of money at least you are nice enough and passionate enough to share the knowledge and your journey. Keep doing what you do. I assure you the haters are the minority.
Joshua Plantan
Joshua Plantan پیش 22 روز
Yes Rob has money, yes Rob is successful. But, but Rob you see has money and then uses it to buy tools and machines, uses them and learns how to do new things to do what he wants. Idc what you say Rob has put a lot, I mean a lot of work into building that 4 rotor along with all those other cars. He has built them from the ground up. Yes he has had help, but he has been there each step of the way.
steve pethick
steve pethick پیش 24 روز
Rob carry on I look forward to your posts you are the best out there , ignor those retards
David Arias
David Arias پیش ماه
Hey Bro love your channel. If i ever needed something it would be somewhere i dont get judge and i can learn from people that love doing what they do. plus that passion is cars and everything under that umbrella. I"m dave of all trades but not an expert in any. this time off got me thinking of my passion and you guys do everything i love. help a bro out . let me intern and maybe get a job
UnitD77 پیش ماه
I drive a modified PT Cruiser, the amount of venomous hate and distain I receive for even being seen in public is unbelievable. I still don't let it get to me. I don't care. I enjoy my car. You keep doing you Rob.
gravityhammer25 پیش ماه
Life is very short, too short not to be chasing your own dreams... if someone spends their time bashing someone elses dreams they are doing it WRONG. We are just a blip on the earth... some animals such as Bowhead Whales can live for over 200 years... makes our life look like a blink. The average lifespan is only 71 years for a person (and that is if nothing catastrophic happens)... only about 25915 days. Think about how fast the days go by. Live for today, chase your dreams, be a good person to others and stop living for tommorow.
rclouse72882 پیش ماه
Use the hate screw the haters good channel rob now make a car video
B. Chandler
B. Chandler پیش ماه
People who say it can’t be done have never tried it themselves. You have to be very low on self-esteem to come onto another person’s channel to berate them on minor things to frame your macro narrative.
Scott Farris
Scott Farris پیش ماه
You had me at the cool twisted wiring technique.
futonmonkey82 پیش ماه
"to those guys that say you don't know what you're doing, you're right, I will" mic drop... LOVE IT!!!!
David Fuller
David Fuller پیش ماه
I went from saying "wow this guy has a lot to learn, he sure does love doritos though". To now rewinding the video to catch that info I didnt know. Looking forward to learning more from you
Blotted پیش ماه
I love ya Rob but you did have a garage build the rolling chassis by copying/influenced the hoonicorn's AWD design and suspension which you said and there's videos of you going to their shop as theyre building it, and you pay for a fab guy/camera man, help from many others from IRL people or people in your comments to help with your questions on this build. I dont remember who did the body work with the rear quarters but anyways. I know you do a lot yourself too, youre thirsty to learn and grow, but please just dont say your doing everything yourself. But I agree 100% with what your saying. Stay strong, brother. There will always be hate and new forms of it as you grow.
wrighty338 پیش ماه
$200k deep paying others to do things before Abel fucked him off and he HAD to start doing things with others/on his own. NOW he says hes doing everything himself.........
TwistThrottleATV 350
TwistThrottleATV 350 پیش ماه
The way he says "Fuck you first of all" made my damn day. Keep doin what ur doin Rob!
Fascist Pedant
Fascist Pedant پیش ماه
Boo-Hoo. ~1/2 % of the comments are negative. WTF do you expect from the YT comment section?
Som Dood
Som Dood پیش ماه
I dont think anybody actually knows what they are doing 100% of the time. So to take a channel, build it from the ground up, grow as a person and learn as you do it and become at the fore-front of the rotary world, suffer through all the hardships your channel has gone through to get here. And to build, in my opinion, the most awesome rotary project ever created by hand its a surprise the haters haven't shut the hell up through all of this. You gotta start somewhere forget what they say and keep putting one foot in front of the other. and hurry up already! i cant wait to see this thing completed lol
YupItsShadow99 پیش ماه
Just noticed my notifications were off for u. Now its on :)
Vr4joe پیش ماه
Rob! Keep up the great work man. Keep doing what your doing, learn more, and continue to share your findings.
Tim Moceri
Tim Moceri پیش ماه
Standing applause 👏 sad how pathetic people are on social media. I miss the days when if you wanted to talk crap you had to do it face to face. 99% of these tool bags feel better to put people down because there life sucks. I subscribed for this rant. Robs a legend and a dying breed. Congrats buddy.
SHiFT Di3S3L پیش ماه
Dude, people are always gonna hate. You've also put yourself on the internet. Now I'm sure you know this already, but you can ignore the people who throw bullshit your way. They don't have what you have, because they don't do what you do. Don't pay attention to these idiots. They don't deserve the attention you're giving them, and it's mentally unhealthy for you. Just keep doing what you're doing, we enjoy that shit.
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas پیش ماه
Haters are easy to ignore once you realize they're only trying to drag you down to their level. Misery loves company, ya'll.
Life Behind the Hatch
Life Behind the Hatch پیش ماه
I appreciate you and your hard work and your integrity. Your builds are amazing and enjoyable. Im here to watch as long as you upload. F the haters. Your doing great brother.
scarface4G63 پیش ماه
Fuck the haters, you’re the man and we all know it! They’re just pissed they don’t have the dedication to attain these types of goals that they assume are only pipe dreams. Keep up the great work brother! You inspire so many of us in the rotary community, and car community period. I can’t wait to see how far you go! As always, we’re rooting for you!
Bradley Guliker
Bradley Guliker پیش ماه
You literally took all the negativity as power an built a car that now makes more hp and tq than anybody in the comment section, I never hated on you but I can see some people taking your learners personality as you being dumb. Your an engineer and it shows
Seth Wilbur
Seth Wilbur پیش ماه
Why’s rob always LYING... “I’m a bad IRpostr”
LordFluffFluff پیش ماه
Something I can empathize with is how you said,"I don't know what I'm doing, but I will". That is basically me with college work.
Gayle Smith
Gayle Smith پیش ماه
This day and age people just like to cry and BITCH about anything.. keep doing you rob..we watch you because your 100 down to earth.. #respect
master cobra
master cobra پیش ماه
Can't let the tards phase you. Those people are most likely mongoloids of a level beyond your comprehension. Because of the life you live, it's probably difficult to imagine the realm of grotesque humans out there.
JSG Ricochet
JSG Ricochet پیش ماه
“ you don’t know what you’re doing! You’re right, I will” Love this
Jonathon Oosthoek
Jonathon Oosthoek پیش ماه
Every car guy on the planet dreams of building a weapon of a car like yours, some make it some dont. Ive been watching your channel for years because i know you will make it and enjoy watching it come together no matter how long it takes!!! screw the trolls!
NvSrAgE679 پیش ماه
Dude what you’re doing is amazing. Love what you’re doing.
Xavier Daniel
Xavier Daniel پیش ماه
dont let the comments get to you... keep chasing your dreams..
markcozzie پیش ماه
Rob that rant was rather funny 😭 Okay so who built the chassis?= sent to another shop and paid for it to be done,who built the engine = paid for,gearbox = paid for,rear diff = paid for,inlet manifold = paid for,turbo kit = paid for??,or parts given as sponsorship. . okay rob you built everything, you have been very blessed selling junkie t-shirt's and youtube 💵💵💵,don't let ego get to your head 👍😭 90% off this build was paid for,Rob simply ordered and paid for the parts then fitted them,so yeah most off robs builds have been bought, not built by himself,facts are facts..😭👏😂
Magnus Dahlberg
Magnus Dahlberg پیش ماه
I'm really sorry for being a dickhead. Now - where is the sixrotor?
Dan Hard
Dan Hard پیش ماه
that would be cool to mill your own 20b rotor
aarrin miller
aarrin miller پیش ماه
Rob I can only watch you sometimes only because of myself. But you are proof that sex doesn't matter in the car world. Keep up with what you do and do great things. You make Felix Wankel happy along with others
Kaden Leatherman
Kaden Leatherman پیش ماه
Spittin strait facts love ya rob
erro پیش ماه
Hey rob I’m just gonna give you a heads up if shit talking motivates you I may start talking a lot of shit cause uhh I really wanna see you continue to do the “impossible “ or “unimaginable “
The Overclock
The Overclock پیش ماه
I am new to the channel and i love what your doing! i am not even a rotatory fan 😂 but i love what your doing! you will have haters! its because your great with WHAT YOU ARE DOING!
Matthew Corcoran
Matthew Corcoran پیش ماه
As Einstein famously said, "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds". You rock. Your passion is inspirational.
Daniel Bert
Daniel Bert پیش ماه
Rob, I've been watching you since you were dealing with those black widows in the rx7. You are by FAR the most inspiring IRpost I have in my subscription list and the most watched. Im a junior in college studying automotive management and everything you do is so extremely exciting to me. I would do ANYTHING to be a part of your team. Fuck those haters, I knew from that first video I'd see you reach your goal someday, it would just be a matter of time.
Tanner Harcus
Tanner Harcus پیش ماه
keep it rob we love ya
Jay & Silent Bob
Jay & Silent Bob پیش ماه
Beat rant ive heard in ages well said rob you do you bro i support your way i support your choices we all have to learn one way or another and ive learnt alot watching your videos bro so keep it up mad respect all the way from nz bro 👌
Soljah61 پیش ماه
Your channel and yourself Rob are great and have skill talent and passion for what you do.. we all appreciate you for your time effort..trial and error which all things take and need money..
Randall Morris
Randall Morris پیش ماه
Let their hate be your fuel! Use it to push you to newer goals and understanding. While they are still sitting in the same chair in the same place not progressing. Let them stand still.
Nick Twaddell
Nick Twaddell پیش ماه
"The Beginning of Wisdom Starts by Saying I Don’t Know"
David Does
David Does پیش ماه
Rob, none of those haters are doing what you’re doing, so continue doing what you’re doing.
Hal 1000
Hal 1000 پیش ماه
Hi Rob. Professional machinist. I run a Haas mill all day. If you need a bit if help...
Vince Alcorn
Vince Alcorn پیش ماه
Keep doing what your doing...I love learning as you do....they are just haters that are jealous...if they dont like it than dont watch your shows...I do...loved the trip u took to get CNC...I drive a big rig and loved ur excitement learning the experience
realblakrawb پیش ماه
Nobody else matters. Don't worry about comments bad or good. View counts speak for themselves.
Ken7382 پیش ماه
Don't let the haters get you down. I had plenty back when I was doing some of this stuff; I built a flowbench when I was in my early 20's, people said I was nuts. This was before the era of computer-controlled DIY ones, too. Maybe I should start a channel so I'd have some new haters.
Kyle Comfort
Kyle Comfort پیش ماه
Maybe those idiots are just pissed off that you’re learning more than them...
LeafyisBeefy پیش ماه
You've been a hack from the beginning
SosaltySereezy پیش ماه
*there is always going to be haters, embrace it*
Tariq Hassan
Tariq Hassan پیش ماه
Yess! Absolutely, 100 percent! Hard work and efforts pay off well in the end! Don't listen to these idiots! My dad and I are building the first 26B 4 rotor for the first Ultima RS!
Marcus W
Marcus W پیش ماه
"I edited that - that was my choice!" - This is what everybody should understand. I don't get those people, who never did a single accomplishment in their live, never shot a single video and still complain about the free content they are provided. Just crawl back under your flat rock.
Dallas Small
Dallas Small پیش ماه
Rob, just wana say I totally got you wrong. I've seen you go thru some real tough spots. I saw you fail a LOT. Honestly didnt seem like you had your ducks in a row. Maybe you just had some personal stuff going on. But you didn't quit. You dont stop learning and moving forward. I think I got more respect for that than anything else. Here's to the haters 🍻
Brendan Cavanaugh
Brendan Cavanaugh پیش ماه
Just keep doing what you are doing Rob. Learning is fun! Haters will always be jealous/find something to complain about. People who are driven are successful, whether it is measured in dollars or knowledge.
daedalus_suzuki پیش ماه
I'd say it's an internet culture thing, but I remember people like this from ye olde 90's, at car shows talking shit out the side of their mouth about someone else's car, thinking they know a person's financial situation, their goals, their progress, etc. from a glance at the engine bay. Nowadays they can watch a video and type it all instead. And of course _they_ know better! _They_ wouldn't have done it that way, _they_ wouldn't have wasted so much time/money/effort on XYZ, _they_ wouldn't have made that mistake you did, etc. ...but where's _their_ car again? Oh, right. Now I remember.
Christian Core
Christian Core پیش ماه
Keep on keeping on Rob. There’s always someone to hate you. Keep focusing on the positives and doing what makes you happy. Ultimately that’s what matters most.
Ghoulish پیش ماه
Hell yeah! Keep it up, fuck the rest, the path to enlightenment is treachorous
Jeff Castle
Jeff Castle پیش ماه
"none of them matter". Words to live by.
Andreas Lindkvist
Andreas Lindkvist پیش ماه
Haters gonna hate.. don't worry about it.. only a handful of people in the world have achieved a build at this level! Internet is full of trolls that have no other skills in life.. they are not worth the attention.
frankgile1996 پیش ماه
I mean, money sure helps, but knowing what to do with it helps even more... The progress of building the 4-rotor has been really slow, and it probably has to be, given that Rob has to work in order to fund all of this, and also spend the time to learn how to use the tools he's bought, and learn more things about the cars themselves in order to be able to tell what the next best step is in an evolution of a project car... I think that's awesome (if at least a bit stressful at times), and I don't understand why people have to be negative about it... Of course Rob has money, but money alone wouldn't have got him here... I'm finishing a mathematics degree, so I'm no engineer, but if I was (and also had a decent amount of money), I'd love to be smart and motivated enough to be able to do something like this... It's awesome... Don't let the negativity affect you Rob, you've got this...
walter solchek
walter solchek پیش ماه
I had a good friend of mine tell me one time (who created and owns a superconductor company now) that you can't' be an expert on anything until you have made all the mistakes that are possible to make. Don't be reluctant to push yourself. It's out there. Great channel buy the way. Looking forward to see the 1000hp 2 rotor setup. I can help with g-code if you need it.
Nathan Blackshear
Nathan Blackshear پیش ماه
Hey Rob I have never commented before on your channel. I will say yes I have said it must be nice to have that kind of money. However brother I am not knocking you at all. I say it out of the dreamer stand point. I really love your videos. I think it is wonderful that you show the human error side of things cause no one is perfect. Money or not skill or not is and means nothing. The drive and passion you have and show for what you do is inspiring to me and my son. He is 12. He is building his first car from a junk yard roller. His dream is to be a car guy for life. Please keep being that role model that you are. It is an honor to watch and grow in knowledge with you. Let the haters hate they just wish they could be you.
Anon omouse
Anon omouse پیش ماه
Rob this video is amazing and as an engineer I 100% understand exactly what you're saying!! There's no one you can pay to get this done at this level and detail. There really is not!! Money can't buy this amount of detail and learning that you're doing!
Andreas Voigt
Andreas Voigt پیش ماه
Best way of learning... try and error, if you've done it all right the first time, you've learned nothing. Keep on doing it your way
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali پیش ماه
that how you know you are at the top
ironskull 101
ironskull 101 پیش ماه
Rob ceep up what you doing i got a good car for that 2 rotor try a 944 i got one will love to see a car like that rotor porcha lol big fan dont stop what you doing
BjornFSE پیش ماه
Love this Rant. Straight forward to the point and very relatable
michael wade
michael wade پیش ماه
Respect. My old ass beetle isn't pretty but I built her. Now if I had the money I would be you minus the IRpost. I'm to damn ugly for TV.. Keep being you and doing you. Fuck the haters.
Michael Lanier
Michael Lanier پیش ماه
Rob keep your head held high your a inspiration to alot of us!!!!
Nicholas Bell
Nicholas Bell پیش ماه
I think you have it wrong rob its not anger its jealousy yea you probably have money ..I got 3 dollars to my name. 100 % truth but we all see your just as excited and uncertain as we. Keep doing what you love. And I'll learn from your mistakes thank you.
Benjamin Hogervorst
Benjamin Hogervorst پیش ماه
Well you're at 808K now (Sep. 3) so you're doing pretty well .... * shrug *
Wade Jones
Wade Jones پیش ماه
its called jealousy man keep doing what ur doing ,it is ur channel
nechter_ Sven
nechter_ Sven پیش ماه
horrible youtuber? nah man.... i think your shit is awesome
Thomas Joseph
Thomas Joseph پیش ماه
Rob, I don't like you. I think you are a pretentious db. You talk like you're above everyone else and if you didn't have money to pay other people, you wouldn't have a channel. You're right up there with "The Stradman" on the BS scale. Good luck with your team's builds, but I'd rather watch someone who get's their hands dirty.
No image
No image پیش ماه
Keep doing what you doing bro, fck the haters
Matt Povah
Matt Povah پیش ماه
Never let the crabs in the bucket get you down.
Apalation Beff
Apalation Beff پیش ماه
You are making me get back into mechanics and cars in general
Kester 135
Kester 135 پیش ماه
I suppose the money thing is still a valid claim, I can repair a car, I can build an engine, i can fabricate, but I make more money as a warehouse hand than a mechanic because the British economy is shit like that, so what do i do? I sit down and watch rob build his dream cars, do i get bitter about it? No. Why? Because you dont go to a car show oggle your own shit, after all these videos aren't a how to guide.
Bradley Merry
Bradley Merry پیش ماه
Rob thank you for spending your money keeping us entertained. You ate the rotary version of cleetus
K1utch پیش ماه
You're awesome man. I know you'll probably never read this but you have NO IDEA how much you inspire me. This is literally what I am trying to do with my life in a way and it's so so SO hard.
Morgan Cornwell
Morgan Cornwell پیش ماه
I just recently came across your channel via your VinWiki video and I just want to say, keep up the awesome work! I, personally, like they way you show the errors you make and your learning/experimental process.
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