The 4 Rotor STARTS this Week! Ignition system finished!

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Rob Dahm

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gravitycharge پیش 8 ماه
"it looks more of like a race motor to me" but it is a race motor tho
Syntaxis پیش 11 ماه
why not make the leads coming from the inside coils straight connectors?
dgretlein پیش سال
Not being critical here, because this is pretty bitchin’. It would look cleaner if you could come off the coil pack straight with the plug wire for the trailing plugs. Just my opinion. Thanks for sharing.
SOMNIOHM پیش سال
⚡SoO dope!
natelobo93 پیش سال
Iseah looked thrilled lmao
Allen Anderson
Allen Anderson پیش سال
Week's gone, haven't seen a first start video...
Lucas Kent
Lucas Kent پیش سال
When you put it in the car you needa somehow put a corvette ls engine cover over it
Jeff Ferguson
Jeff Ferguson پیش سال
Gets some Spark plug heat boots (BLACK) and you said you are going to trim the "ignition plate" drill it so it can act as a wire holder as well.
Bear-T پیش سال
Well, did it fire last week? I cant find a vid on it and i really hope you met your target :D
Jackelin Pedro Villegas Miranda
Jackelin Pedro Villegas Miranda پیش سال
Unsubscribe the content ain't there for me Rob...
Oliver Copeland
Oliver Copeland پیش سال
This guy acts like he’s he first person in the world to do an expensive build
Tim Van Briesen
Tim Van Briesen پیش سال
Not running a radiator on a test bench / dyno is fine, but I would suggest installing a 1 to 2 gallon holding tank to be a stand in for a radiator and allow for proper recirculation and release of bubbles from cooling system during break in and testing periods.
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul پیش سال
Long 0 offset spanner for that last sparkplug
Henry Klassen
Henry Klassen پیش سال
Anyone else wonder why his voice sounds so familiar and then realize he sounds like Gabe from The Office? 😂
Nick Cervantez
Nick Cervantez پیش سال
gosh i fucking love your 4 rotor vids! everytime i see a new vid posted i stop everything and go watch.
Noah Tetreau
Noah Tetreau پیش سال
10:29 The Tibidis?
Chris Williamson
Chris Williamson پیش سال
You didn't put anti sieze on the spark plugs?
Andrew Matinas
Andrew Matinas پیش سال
I'm hyped
jeeplivion پیش سال
Ribbed for your pleasure, there I said it for you 😂
TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid
TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid پیش سال
1:23 the MAINGO
Tall Paul
Tall Paul پیش سال
I remember my first time 5 short cranks, bone dry and ended with a main seal leak 20 seconds later
Jérémy Martel
Jérémy Martel پیش سال
I love how the build of the 4 rotor is a masterpiece and on the otherside how the shop is a total mess ! Great build rob 👌
antonio bravo-godinez
antonio bravo-godinez پیش سال
Okay i don know if i am crazy or not is that a R34 front bumper on 0:17? Someone debunk this!
Mazda626gtturbo پیش سال
I can't believe you didn't check the gap on those plugs! LOL
Kim Soerensen
Kim Soerensen پیش سال
Ever closer!
Shane پیش سال
Rob seems like such a genuine guy.
iamthehorker پیش سال
I can't believe it's finally coming together. Very exciting
matt shearer
matt shearer پیش سال
Come on man! Rats are a tortilla problem 😋😂
Bruno Miramont
Bruno Miramont پیش سال
Rob dont forget to put some antiseize for spark plug tread to protect them .......
Nathan Wilder
Nathan Wilder پیش سال
Note to Rob and anyone else, my best advice before installing spark plug wires, crack all of your knuckles and fingers if you can, it always helped me make sure the plug wires are secure. Especially if your plugs are in a tight spot! Like this to keep everyone informed👍🤙
David Dužár
David Dužár پیش سال
I m so looking forward to see first ruthless first gear clutch kick and lunch with no mercy
Berriano پیش سال
All the lady's watching this are like "dahm rob, you're smooth".
SwoleMofo' پیش سال
In Australia we've been building 4 rotors for a long time & not fcuking one of them took as long as this build Dahm,hurry the fcuk up & finish this thing your not reinventing the wheel over there,fcuk me >: ( The first space shuttle build took less time for fcuks sake.
Quanttumflare پیش سال
You forgot gapplesauce
Marco Huertas
Marco Huertas پیش سال
45 angel fitting maybe
Gloves Guy
Gloves Guy پیش سال
Rob is a perfectionist and its gonna pay off in the end
Loki the sly one
Loki the sly one پیش سال
You didn't confirm the gap on those😨
Kami Yena
Kami Yena پیش سال
PLEASE TORQUE YOUR SPARK PLUGS! I was watching you hand thread them in and then hook up all the ignition wires and the whole time I'm imagining you starting it and forgetting you never tightened them... don't forget your oil fittings too!
Jerome پیش سال
2 things that i feel need to be said before anything else, 1- Criticism always comes from people who are doing less than you are. People doing more will offer advice and suggestions 2- People that say something cannot be done should shut up and get outta the way of the person doing it. I really hope you see this, personally though i do like each time you tell someone putting you down to 'fuck-off", I'd much rather they leave the negativity out of it or just not watch. The rest of us love your channel and wish you every success possible.
Adam FR
Adam FR پیش سال
You're such a nerd. I love it.
ImTheOnlyOracle پیش سال
How the hell have you not got this thing done yet lol
A҉n҉o҉n҉1҉3҉3҉7҉ 【X】
A҉n҉o҉n҉1҉3҉3҉7҉ 【X】 پیش سال
Wow getting so close now. I can't wait man.
Reverend D
Reverend D پیش سال
Is that your battery pack or are you just happy to see us? This is gonna sound wicked af.
jamesdaeron پیش سال
per your oil pump dilemma, my review of the slow motion video inspires removal of the lower plug and addition above, side by side. chamber side slot plug or blow through the round port detonate in reverse...backwards. lower plug a metal plug fit, have chambers remachined, pick up offset hemi pistons from james
Christian Grey
Christian Grey پیش سال
Hopefully this won't be a Half-Life 3.
2 SWIFT 4 U پیش سال
Soooo excited! This is going to be epic
jamesdaeron پیش سال
here is the link that describes the military application of the wankel utilizes these principals rotron is one of the companies... this link shows that square peg round hole flaw creates backwards, uh burn...wrenches it backwards snarf.. so you have to fix it so it isnt a bomb...really james
Cross Starling
Cross Starling پیش سال
Instant like for the harbor freight tools
christopher19691 پیش سال
you should not use a petroleum product (WD- 40) on the spark plug wire could cause them to fail prematurely next time use a little dish soap or even just spit
david wilson
david wilson پیش سال
Ricardo Lopez
Ricardo Lopez پیش سال
Its not in the tool, its in the magician
Moe Green
Moe Green پیش سال
Considering how much it costs to build a rotary.. much less a 4 rotor ... I may need to sell a liver and kidney ...
Jeremy Burnett
Jeremy Burnett پیش سال
Bro you forgot to take the spark plugs to gapplebees
Hoosier Patriot
Hoosier Patriot پیش سال
Almost like nerding out of oil coolers
Hoosier Patriot
Hoosier Patriot پیش سال
Ctsv has a key hole in the driver door but you have to pop the key cover off. It has a spot for a small flat head on bottom of the cover
ron whittaker
ron whittaker پیش سال
how much did the ecu set you back rob?
Keith Occena
Keith Occena پیش سال
This reminds me of being in Formula FSAE. Good work Rob!
MrDannyd9 پیش سال
The master baiter, Rob Dahm. Masturbater.
morntech asia
morntech asia پیش سال
talk less work harder!!!!
JRB پیش سال
I feel lile this is a new chapter of my life dangit
Edward Brosz
Edward Brosz پیش سال
very. nice job, if I remember correctly the conductor for the plug wires are that long because you fold it back... been at this since I was 5
Ashy Larry
Ashy Larry پیش سال
Hey Rob are you going to be in Florida for the grudge match With Flaco Racing??
Ashy Larry
Ashy Larry پیش سال
steven پیش سال
For a guy building a radical car, Rob seems to be a real dunce when it come to things mechanical, and electrical, and hydraulic. WTF is this guy's story?
Wes پیش سال
I just keep coming back to the fact that you've never seen the inside of this engine. I guess the only choice is to put alot of faith in the guy who built it. Would be awfully sad if we go to turn all this over and it just destroys itself
Vincent Jacobsen
Vincent Jacobsen پیش سال
*excited noises*
Cjbarker2 پیش سال
You should run a 45 off of the back coil, it will make it way easier to remove them and route them later
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz پیش سال
Does Rob take aderall before every video? Because he talks to much
Riste Kostadinov
Riste Kostadinov پیش سال
I hope Isiah love billet, because his ass will be kicked out just like Jaret's.
OvAeons پیش سال
Rob like GAPpetto buildin his 4 rotor Pinocchio. Rats are his fairy God Mother's except they ruin the cars! So maybe Abel is the Fairy God mother?
WP Murphy
WP Murphy پیش سال
That engine is f'n amazing my friend. My third car was an RX-7. I had it from when I was 19 till I was 21. It was an 86, red, 5 speed, naturally aspirated, no rear seat option (which saved weight) and came with the Mazda hard suspension option that was offered at the time. It handled like a dream. I took the engine-mounted fan off and replaced it with an electric fan I strapped to the radiator. I then did a short ram intake, cat-back exhaust and a short throw shift kit. It was the best daily driver I ever had. It was so well balanced that I could drift it through intersections on rainy days with perfect control. Damn I miss that car. Yours on the other hand is going to be a rocket ship.
Frank پیش سال
This dude litterly explains motor engines like on intresting way, Have you ever thought of giving cursus nd charge people for it? 😂 btw you gotta strip the black end of spark pluk wire just abit..
Zantrop64 پیش سال
What would be fun next would be making the cheapest 4 rotor possible, just to see if it runs. Basic rotors, injections, optional basic turbo/supercharger
Brad Burks
Brad Burks پیش سال
Liked before watched
BaddaddyBrad پیش سال
Broken Doritos coming soon
C D پیش سال
It looks like a turbine
Ramses پیش سال
Where's the 3 rotor Rob?
Anon omouse
Anon omouse پیش سال
Rob, I watched BOTH ADS before watching your video!!
p3rerang3 پیش سال
Bro buy some crimps
PitStop 3K
PitStop 3K پیش سال
Why have I become so addictive to your channel videos and your build 🔥🔥🔥💨💨🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
SuchScale پیش سال
Love the outro as always
Norman Guzman
Norman Guzman پیش سال
Wow, with all those red wires that thing is starting to look like a bomb.
Glenn 9K
Glenn 9K پیش سال
I think it would actyually look better with the ignition leads routed the way you first had planned.
Joshua Mueller
Joshua Mueller پیش سال
Plug wire how to i guess..
Austin Ritchie
Austin Ritchie پیش سال
Can we name your rat friend Brap-atouille?
Steve Shaker
Steve Shaker پیش سال
Hey rob on that ctsv there is a cable in the trunk that can open the driver door. Tutorial here if you need it
Danny MacCall
Danny MacCall پیش سال
love this build it helped me get through just a simple engine swap in my car seeing you do things way more complex and crazy hope it all works out for you in the end
Drift Performance
Drift Performance پیش سال
Looking really good Rob. Can't wait for it to fire up.🇬🇧
Trev Ohlson
Trev Ohlson پیش سال
Yeah get abel to give u a hand to getting it fired up sooner or to check it all over first
Trev Ohlson
Trev Ohlson پیش سال
Sweet Doritos not to far away bring it to life 👍
lockjawjak پیش سال
That plastic bit with the number clips on it is pretty good for putting the winsdcreen fillet in on a classic mini btw hahaha
Tirah5 پیش سال
This build is slowly becoming swedish crime drama.
Sakkie Kennedy
Sakkie Kennedy پیش سال
Is that a bench vice I see after all these years
Marcin Nowicki
Marcin Nowicki پیش سال
Is IT possible for a 5 ROTOR engine @Rob Dahm
Clayton Chalmers
Clayton Chalmers پیش سال
Hi I think we need a more in depth video about how you ran your leads, you didn’t cover enough in my opinion
Layton Ryan
Layton Ryan پیش سال
That LS comment 😂😂
Big Man
Big Man پیش سال
Aizen Ebrahim
Aizen Ebrahim پیش سال
Your favourite bag of doritos, starting this week *BRAP BRAP BRAP BRAP*
Kick buttowski
Kick buttowski پیش سال
My god I got adderal high just by looking at rob's face.
Sakkie Kennedy
Sakkie Kennedy پیش سال
Is that a bench vice I see after all these years
brittenv1000 پیش سال
Are you actually sure it's this week?
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