Radiator IN the 4 Rotor AWD RX-7. It’s going to be a wild ride to SEMA

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Rob Dahm

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JD Anderson
JD Anderson پیش سال
You ruined a nice car. Thumbs down
ThatGuyUKnow2K پیش سال
Those welds thooo.
metalhed411 پیش سال
Thise carbon fiber axles and driveshafts wont make it. Ive seen them explode into peices plenty of times. Mainly driveshafts. the composite material is advanced but just not advanced enough to handle extreme torque.
Miata Boi
Miata Boi پیش سال
Lmao I always forget Rob is a nerd too and it's awesome. Also, I think it's sick that your COMPLETELY aftermarket, spaceframe, 4 rotor, awd, and sequential rx7 is going to have a passenger seat. That's absolutely fucking sick.
Diesel Ramcharger
Diesel Ramcharger پیش سال
Sema, the most over hyped waste of time a business could ever throw money away on.
Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez پیش سال
Now you need a billet steering wheel
Augustus Theis
Augustus Theis پیش سال
I played an Troll Shaman named "coolfool" how dare you sir.
Bryan پیش سال
Rob was a Gnome Warrior
Ian Klingensmith
Ian Klingensmith پیش سال
Is Rob on cycle? Going to SEMA flexing the rx-7 and the muscles
FireCrewDave Thomas
FireCrewDave Thomas پیش سال
A passenger seat.... i can imagine how that ride would go lol
Sam Atallah
Sam Atallah پیش سال
Rob: spends thousands of dollars on the 4 rotor to get it to perfection Transfer case : I’m about to end this mans whole life
Crypto Friendly
Crypto Friendly پیش سال
The car is looking amazing man 🔥 but..The only 1 thing that my OCD gets triggered by is when i see the unfinished roll cage. It needs to be a Nice symmetrical roll cage!! Please 🙏🏻 add one more bar behind the seats to complete the X shaped cage! so its sort of even stock looking like the roll cage on the Porsche 911 GT2 RS❤️.
Jake H
Jake H پیش سال
2:37 anyone else go ... MIGHTY CAR MODS
Charles Parker
Charles Parker پیش سال
It is wide.Will it fit in the trailer?
Ngoc Lai
Ngoc Lai پیش سال
Ups said that's dirt nasty yo
teamneverlost پیش سال
How long till semen?
Mathis Vleeshouwers
Mathis Vleeshouwers پیش سال
Imagine if this was road legal...
cjlsniper پیش سال
I’m just worried robs cars gonna be so low he’s gonna scrape and break off the front half of the car on a lil bump
pkt1213 پیش سال
Was coming for build updates...now just here for the welds.
siciliansoccer55 پیش سال
In case I didn't hear correctly, make sure you have even a small gap between the intercooler and radiator for material expansion and vibration. Previous car I had someone put in all aftermarket aluminum heat exchangers but sidnt put a gap, and it vibrated a slice through the aluminum port of the condenser. I thought I heard you say something about an air gap bit just make sure something is there to keep them slightly separated. Keep up the good work guys!
Lssm پیش سال
That is one TICC radiator
false prophet mohammed is a pedophile
false prophet mohammed is a pedophile پیش سال
Get 10 more spare engines and you’re set
Jim Daniel
Jim Daniel پیش سال
The magic word for the radiator module is "beautiful", eye candy worrthy! Great fabrication.
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe پیش سال
6:20 not going anywhere
Abendschein پیش سال
Those bars extending off the center are going to puncture your tires and lock the front wheels in an accident. You don't need support from a bar there - that's where your solitter/under tray do the supporting work.
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe پیش سال
different length front driveshafts? that's what torque steer is made of
Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams پیش سال
Need to add a drain and bleed screw on the radiator.
Matthew Buckley
Matthew Buckley پیش سال
Fucking welds are legit!
tyler238 پیش سال
Jim looks like the guy from the “diabetus” commercial lol 😆
Zahari Stoyanov
Zahari Stoyanov پیش سال
Buuuuurn :D
Some Dude
Some Dude پیش سال
RoB .. your my rotary hero i had a wide body 12a bridge ported ..I want another RX7 watchin ya vids..I changed motors clutches breaks in the snow wit that car but it made me learn alot (Porsche guy now) but that wide body >>i still have dreams of it(got stolen 3 times lol) but ya made me get another nice work man real talk!
ZIGgassedUP پیش سال
The word you are looking for Rob is Tasty.
Cyn Hicks
Cyn Hicks پیش سال
The beginning...HAHAHA! Dude?
dent tech
dent tech پیش سال
It's daylight
Allen L
Allen L پیش سال
Tired Rob Dahm, "There' somushroom." 🍄🍄🍄🍄
agent2512 پیش سال
can you turn the car now
GOAT Lawns
GOAT Lawns پیش سال
That kid is an amazing welder
Jose Caldera
Jose Caldera پیش سال
Spoiler warning
byw پیش سال
Rob where's the a/c condenser bro?
erroneum پیش سال
Holy crap, something I think I recognize (1310, I assume the U-joint size). I work on class 8 semis in Michigan, so the smallest U-joint I pretty much ever encounter is a 1710, but more often it's a (substantially) larger SPL250.
majcrash پیش سال
Blizzard has sold out to the communists currently oppressing China. No one should be playing WoW.
nightmarejr پیش سال
Rob can I get a ride in the 4 rotor when you’re done?
Lee Quick
Lee Quick پیش سال
Was that Wilfred Brimley??
MikeZ32TT پیش سال
Fuck UPS
Justin Mulkey
Justin Mulkey پیش سال
This build is so sexy you could post these videos on PornHub
Black Yeeti
Black Yeeti پیش سال
That bumper isn't going anywhere
Ryxxi پیش سال
The Skeleton of this car is amazing and beautifully crafted. Damm.
Squarepants Gaming
Squarepants Gaming پیش سال
Seeing where the trans tunnel is, don't you think that's a fairly dangerous area to have your torso right beside lol
majcrash پیش سال
Hopefully he will have some titanium plate covering that thing.
Tim Wasson
Tim Wasson پیش سال
I can find many places that say how a intercooler works and that they work they work they work BUT I can not find where anyone has put a temp gauge on the in and out sides to see just how much they cool ! I mean do they cool 5* or 10* or 50* or 100* ???????????? PS....you taking that thing to Bonneville Salt Flats for a land speed record for rotary vehicles ?
mammoth penguin
mammoth penguin پیش سال
What kind of settings are you running on the 8?
BiGsTaM پیش سال
Not said enough but iseah is a fuckin beast
NFG Garage
NFG Garage پیش سال
You gotta do a video at the end of how much this all cost
Thurnis Haley
Thurnis Haley پیش سال
Jim is definitely the alpha male with the mustache
Money Grip
Money Grip پیش سال
Tan jaret has amazing welds
Brutal Fates
Brutal Fates پیش سال
WHoa!!!! You got the Wilford Brimley to help!!!!
jodoe22 پیش سال
Who is that guy helping you? Did you do an intro and tell us about his experience? If so, I missed it.
OvAeons پیش سال
That's Dahmtastic yo!!
Junkyard Chicken
Junkyard Chicken پیش سال
Yo, Isaiah is the man. The bro. The one. I've been splicing metal for thirty years, and I know a good one when I see one. Peace and prayers and such for your ridiculous adventure.
tylerplasek پیش سال
Is that the diabetus guy
DerLudger پیش سال
hopefully u have an idea to safe you from an exploding Transmission like flyin metal-parts? 🤐
Daniel Jamieson
Daniel Jamieson پیش سال
More bracing required for that radiator/intercooler mount.
Marshall Browne
Marshall Browne پیش سال
Wow .....never thought I would see welding porn. Nice job!
Tee Deathly2
Tee Deathly2 پیش سال
I wish there is a switch where this car can switch to 800/1200/1800HP
Cameron Heath
Cameron Heath پیش سال
Take to Twitter now. #FINDROBDAHMSCLUTCH
David Berchem
David Berchem پیش سال
@Rob Dahm he lies about the WoW playing 😂😂 only WoW players call it wow lmao
AdventuresNOregon پیش سال
The level of fab work is beautiful.
Adam FR
Adam FR پیش سال
6:15 You need a signature word Rob? "Dahm!" But like damn... lol hey I tried.
1lledo پیش سال
Gawdd Dahm. Two videos?!?!?! :D
Derrick Gregory
Derrick Gregory پیش سال
Rob: My savior!!! Me: The oatmeal guy coming in clutch 🤷🏾‍♂️
Frank Glasgow
Frank Glasgow پیش سال
Sorry to hear about the clutch issue. FedEx lost a gun I ordered for 500 bucks. Wanted to just give me 100 to make it go away. Eventually the dealer supplied another one for no extra cost.
Murdered e46
Murdered e46 پیش سال
well at least now we know that this year this thing will have a radiator at sema😂
Upex پیش سال
4 Rotor Build: Starring Wilford Brimley
Brad Sailer
Brad Sailer پیش سال
I love you Rob Dahm. You are my hero.
Richard Logan Streine
Richard Logan Streine پیش سال
Unless these are actually older videos than you claim. You are not going to make SEMA, with anything near a complete build.
Galvatron پیش سال
Best build on the net.
Bat Guano Garage
Bat Guano Garage پیش سال
looks like a cgt seat
That Guy There
That Guy There پیش سال
Isaiah your a very talented dude.
BWCMatt پیش سال
"I got pu$$y instead" becomes "I dated women" 😂😂
Joe Puleo
Joe Puleo پیش سال
I love the 4 rotor but I dont think its fair to call it an rx7 anymore
Jarsky پیش سال
3:00 Rob you look absolutely radiant
ThatSubieDude پیش سال
two videos in 1 day? im a happy boy.
azonicrider32 پیش سال
Your gunna be finishing this thing at the sema booth.
m2d2 پیش سال
Other than a couch made of beer cans, that is the most beautiful aluminum object ever created!
D Zh
D Zh پیش سال
God damn monster you are building there
Tudo e possivel
Tudo e possivel پیش سال
this car is going to be ready for sema??omg a lot work ,still!
Chris پیش سال
So... does it feel good?
B is for Broke
B is for Broke پیش سال
Losers: Robs not gonna finish Rob: *rips phat line** “I’m gonna finish”
Diesel Ramcharger
Diesel Ramcharger پیش سال
@Drew Greschuk sema cars don't run anyways. huge collection of deadline built trash.
Drew Greschuk
Drew Greschuk پیش سال
B is for Broke UPS ”I’m bout to end this mans whole carrier”
James Ilko
James Ilko پیش سال
Wow. I’m actually surprised how much better the new GoPro sounds and looks
Roy S. Thørn
Roy S. Thørn پیش سال
Mount the roller to the table then it will work ;)
Kenny Reid
Kenny Reid پیش سال
watch him finish the build and blow up the billet engine
chris rodriguez
chris rodriguez پیش سال
I been following you guys on this build, and is looking amazing every time 👍😎. Good job 👏
mattt83 پیش سال
Thought Leeroy was getting a new radiator at first glance
Brendan پیش سال
Rob: it feels good it feels really good Me: THATS WHAT SHE SAID
Gary Mucks
Gary Mucks پیش سال
Got to love shiny parts and nice welds
Thatguywithnopancreas پیش سال
Joe Gordon
Joe Gordon پیش سال
Wilford Brimley came to help the four rotor today, and get rid of it's diabeetus
Christian Lopez
Christian Lopez پیش سال
Looks like a Lots of workis still needed, before sema.
The Rat Chad
The Rat Chad پیش سال
Jesus god it doesn't even have floor pans yet 😂
Legit Muffins
Legit Muffins پیش سال
Are the front off sized axles not going to provide alot of torque steer considering how much power you're putting down
motor0il پیش سال
💀 “dated women instead” 😬 sorry bud not when you’re looking like that
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