My SECRETS to 1240 Horsepower!

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Rob Dahm

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Huge thanks to Valvoline for partnering together to advance the 4 rotor. All dyno runs shown were using 20/50 VR1 Synthetic. #teamvalvoline
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karandev chauhan
karandev chauhan پیش 16 روز
You use gfule to cool your intercooler that's your secret
Reggie Torres
Reggie Torres پیش 19 روز
Great video dude. All the added attention to detail made everything much clearer for me.
James Bailey
James Bailey پیش ماه
Pretty interesting
Rakesh Pungabi
Rakesh Pungabi پیش ماه
The most upset person went their car make 1,000+ horse
Nicholas du Plessis
Nicholas du Plessis پیش ماه
Rob, you are such an inspiration to guys like me who dream of one day being able to do what you do. Can I ask for advice though? I have a 1.4t Opel Astra with a turbo upgrade, making 180whp from the factory 130, however, now I have this issue where my car smokes, burning either oil or fuel on decel after I let off the throttle in the rev range anywhere above 2k rpm. I've had my car at 4 mechanics now and they can't find any issues, no signs of mechanical failure, turbo is brand new and doesn't seem to be leaking, dyno map is clean and shows nothing weird. Any advice as to what it could be? We've gone over the possibility of worn-out valve stem seals, of blow by but no signs appear. My only other idea of what it could be, is the possibility of too high oil pressure, pushing oil through the turbo seals, into the exhaust. It never smokes other than on decel from 2nd gear up and over 2k rpm.
Crawlin with Keagan
Crawlin with Keagan پیش ماه
Holy shit your a genius man
Marius Gresdal
Marius Gresdal پیش ماه
Love the video❤️
Chris Miller
Chris Miller پیش ماه
You should of gone to Cal Poly Pomona 20 years ago for an ME degree. Learn by doing. Unfortunately I hear that is no longer the case...
molak34 پیش ماه
than lean reading at tip in can be a miss reading due to a missfire for being to rich
Michael Madsen
Michael Madsen پیش ماه
WAY too technical for my mind after a work day. YOU ROCK
Razor _
Razor _ پیش ماه
It's crazy to think this is a stock ported motor. A Peripheral Port would only be good for numbers but for confident street use, this setup is perfect.
Brian Gochnauer
Brian Gochnauer پیش ماه
The most interesting information on rotor tuning I've ever seen. Thanks, Rob
Ethan Phelps
Ethan Phelps پیش ماه
The most R&D done on a IRpost car build and done by one guy, not even a team or company. Thanks for sharing all the info with us. I don’t even really care about rotaries. Your obsession motivates me to be obsessed with something in my life.
foxbustertv پیش ماه
one of the most interesting videos you've ever posted!
Razorsniper Productions
Razorsniper Productions پیش ماه
Rob just wanted to let you know that from watching your videos and seeing your drive to get this car to where you want it. It’s inspired me to get back into my twin turbo truck build again. Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work!
IT'S DAVE! پیش ماه
Phillip Pavon
Phillip Pavon پیش ماه
Its these kind of videos that set you apart from other vehicle inspired channels. Ive been watching you for years. Keep it up man.
Thomas A
Thomas A پیش ماه
Love the engineering chat
Rizki Akbar
Rizki Akbar پیش ماه
the one thing i like about this built is you explain everything as much as you can, not only telling about parts stuff, but the data and how do you read that data, while the other just bragging about power their made without knowing how to read those data
Andrew Puckett
Andrew Puckett پیش ماه
Since you’re rotor housing produce such high heats have you ever thought about mocking up the motor and then taking the gold heat wrap and putting it on the motor cleanly with a razor, even on each housing you can put more layers like on rotor housing 4 you put four or five layers thick, one layer over everything and two and the first etc etc
Mr.M پیش ماه
Khan Academy is covering some really different topics nowadays
vanepico پیش ماه
I kinda love how this car has become a science experiment, I always wanted a turbo speed sensor on my car because why the fuck not! Plotting turbo efficiency on the compressor map is the height of cool and will impress all the ladies 🤣
woznaldo پیش ماه
This data analysis is awesome! As others have said, Rob is really bringing you along for the journey and educating on the way! Hats off to you Rob!
OvAeons پیش ماه
performance cars cut away a lot of the crappy fluff options that factory cars have, older cars too. The hard part is fabrication
wert freund
wert freund پیش ماه
Very good insight and Analysis Rob !👌🏽 I'd guess You're getting that last quarter of the RpM band in a mild "saddleshape getting Your Lambda closer to "1.0" stichometric ! It's a fine line running such a high performance Turbo-engine that lean, but I'd aim at 0.92 to 0.95 with a warm engine and real good ventilation on a AWD Dyno working that map upwards stepwise in the higher RPM regions! Don't forget this map and performance can drastically increase as decrease in free air on a real life track by cool RAM-Air ! => Due to Your intercooler flow setup. Dyno ≠ real track performance in high RpM
Travis Dunn
Travis Dunn پیش ماه
It will be very interesting if Rob does at least street port and gets this thing above 40psi. I can't wait to see this push 2k HP. I would also love to see it around its current HP level go up against Cleatus Leroy. Maybe adding a slight curve into the intake manifold might make rotor 4 temps come down a bit.
iiNgONYaMa پیش ماه
Rob Dahm sees compressor crotch. The let's get @robdahm a car chick project starts immediately
Mehuge پیش ماه
I love this channel. I love cars but mostly from a driving perspective. I get others to work on them. But I love these videos, they are very interesting and entertaining and fascinating and lots of other ending in ing things. I also love the car and the engine, it looks and sounds fantastic. Keep going, really interested to see how far you can take it.
Andres Rondon
Andres Rondon پیش ماه
Rob in 2025: "This is how I made 2000+ hp in my 5 rotor RX-7"
Kara Mars Kumandan
Kara Mars Kumandan پیش ماه
R1T24mnt پیش ماه
Ill come back in 2065 to see the final episode of of this build.......GD this shit is dragging.....
AJ Johnson
AJ Johnson پیش ماه
Rob- Enjoyed the video, really nice to see the value of per cylinder EGT sensors and a lot of the other data that get's skipped on lower budget engine assemblies. While adjusting the VE above 7500 to lean it out are you calculating a new VE value or do you have enough of a feel for the motor to make educated guesses?
Christian Grey
Christian Grey پیش ماه
Isn't the 1st rotor colder because of the fan at the dyno?
Christian Grey
Christian Grey پیش ماه
If my car sucks my fueltank vacuum i know i will go bankrupt on gas
Isak s
Isak s پیش ماه
i saw 18kcc/m in total fuel flow. that must create a vortex in the fuelcell...
Michael Fenton
Michael Fenton پیش ماه
You say that you were running rich (lambda below target) at the very top of the run, but also that your fuel pressure was dropping at the top, likely due to the fuel tank pulling vacuum. Is the car able to run that rich with less fuel pressure than it should have, or was the map effectively compensating for the low fuel pressure up top? If you solve the tank vacuum issue, would that massively increase the fuel pressure, and make the map far far too rich up top? Or does the map account for fuel pressure?
Hey It's Drew
Hey It's Drew پیش ماه
how can it be a secret, when this whole time robs been telling us 'I don't know what I'm doing'? should be 'what I've learned to get 1240 hp', much less a 'secret'. anyway what I don't get is if you have 2 secondary injectors, one is used like 5%? what if you made it so the primary are turned low or off, so that Both Secondary are used? to me if u have it then you would want to use it as much as possible.
ETIT پیش ماه
cut harness at 1:28
Simon N
Simon N پیش ماه
Please change from freedom units to SI units. It makes a lot more sense then
itaboi309 پیش ماه
Rob I got maybe another 40 or 50 yrs left on this planet, I just want to see this car fully in street trim, every panel on n interior done and fully Maxed out on boost n tuned to peak perfection.... please, I'm giving u to im 90yrs old to get this done 😂😂😂😂
Michael Simoneau
Michael Simoneau پیش ماه
My SECRETS to 1240 Horsepower!.............................................i am rich as fuck.
Jonathan پیش ماه
5 gallons/min of fuel at the top end. The mad lad!
Atlas Integrations
Atlas Integrations پیش ماه
Excellent video on explaining the technical from a "Tuner's" perspective. So many tuners do not show this detail. Very helpful. Oh Ya!!! The car is Awesome!!!
That370zguy پیش ماه
dude i learned so much in one video.
Wind of change
Wind of change پیش ماه
The crazy thing is, I and you know this thing can produce far more power, this thing isn't close to it's maximum amount of boost it can handle, it just wants to eat and eat haha. Rob you've built a fucking monster, you're practically frankenstein himself.
Alan V
Alan V پیش ماه
0:27 there were “no secrets” 😀thumbnail “my secrets to 1240 horsepower” 😂
Marko Kostic
Marko Kostic پیش ماه
No balls you giveaway this car to me
Nathaniel P
Nathaniel P پیش ماه
I love the dissection of how your car talks to you! Very interesting!!🇨🇦
FYC پیش ماه
Need more tip in
WNP TV پیش ماه
What do you plan on doing with such a insane car? I would be so scared to crash it, and it would want you to crash it.
Trevor Rowe
Trevor Rowe پیش ماه
Thank You Rob so much for doing this video. I truly love learning about this stuff. Please do more!!
M P P پیش ماه
Pretty sure Rob is downloading info directly from aliens in order to make these videos
1smokeydog1 پیش ماه
Grandma3stro پیش ماه
I Came in here for updates on the 4 rotor and also earned an engineering and physics degree.
Christopher Schaefer
Christopher Schaefer پیش ماه
Wow, that will make the World a better place!!!
Jeroen Haveman
Jeroen Haveman پیش ماه
So if you ever put a hood on it, what would you do with the inlet? leaving it as is with a hood would completely wreck your current tune right?
David Colwell
David Colwell پیش ماه
Wow this is an amazing video rob well done thank you!
N0TE پیش ماه
Rob is like a fucking honey badger of car tuning, never gives up
hawk mickler
hawk mickler پیش ماه
I'm still waiting for the original quota of 1800
Alex Bassett
Alex Bassett پیش ماه
0:07 Dahm
Johannes ten Hagen
Johannes ten Hagen پیش ماه
Nobody: Rob Dahm: this 1240HP 4 rotor is just a 2rotor
Mikkel Nielsen
Mikkel Nielsen پیش ماه
Holy shit. 20 Liters of fuel per minute at the top.
Ruben b
Ruben b پیش ماه
Dude you need to get laid the turbo flow graph says it all
Gábor Iloskity
Gábor Iloskity پیش ماه
Why is your feet on the clutch during a pull?
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor پیش ماه
What a fantastic video. I learned a lot from this.
Masrur Ridho Akbar
Masrur Ridho Akbar پیش ماه
17:28 i see maximum fuel rate around 18.××× liter/minute, I can't imagine that
Average Mechanics
Average Mechanics پیش ماه
You know, id very happily pay whatever it'd cost to fly myself out to the states, accommodation, car rental etc just to talk nerdy with Rob for 30 minutes!
Steve Sloan
Steve Sloan پیش ماه
Really interesting upload... I learnt a lot. 🇦🇺🤜🏼🤛🏼🍀🍀🍀😎
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis پیش ماه
Those doubting Rob's quest for big horsepower in an efficient package reminds me of the Moon hoax,9/11, pseudoscience conspiracy believers.,They don't know, they haven't a clue, but their sure they're smarter than everyone else.
Daniel Bargas
Daniel Bargas پیش ماه
Welcome to thermo dynamics and fluid mechanics We use science to make shit faster
392 Hemi
392 Hemi پیش ماه
We all know the secret is to have the shipping company steal your motor and then you have to find it and buy it back.
Poi Boi
Poi Boi پیش ماه
Mazda, are you watching?
Sam پیش ماه
As soon as he pulled out the graphs my head started to hurt 😂
Anthony Vagg
Anthony Vagg پیش ماه
Did i just see nearly 20 litres per minute of fuel usage?.....
Jason Gaunt
Jason Gaunt پیش ماه
Easy get it to 1250 just by correcting the fuel at the top end. Also badly needs some TPS delta enrichment in there too for when you plant the gas pedal :)
ok boomer
ok boomer پیش ماه
17:05 good god 370cc at 2500rpm and only 15%tps.. That really does give you an idea of how much fucking fuel this thing uses. At wot and 7psi on my setup is using roughly 370ccs ._.
BADR پیش ماه
This video is not for me
MeatballAP پیش ماه
The perfect solution to the imbalance in the intake would be a massive ITB setup, but there isn't the room. Perhaps curved flanges on the inside of the manifold to redirect air to the rotors at high flow might do it. I'd imagine tack welding 1/2" tall strips to the walls that meet up with the trailing edge of each runner would make an improvement, but CFD in your solidworks would probably give you exact sizing, vice my ghetto educated guess. Either way, ribbed for better air distribution. Or maybe it's time to CNC a better manifold from billet...
udovdh پیش ماه
Rob, with this equipment you have you /can/ construct a new inlet manifold, right? If that improves (does not have to be perfect) the situation then you know you are on the right path. A bigger fuel pump, better ventilation, etc are trivial I guess. Look forward to see your improvements tested...!
Oliver Copeland
Oliver Copeland پیش ماه
Race cars easier than stock!? 1000% agree no annoying emissions controls, cold start/idle controls, vacuum systems just to name a few . A race car is essentially “bare bones” and striped down which equals easy access to parts , ability to remove anything useless and redesign the car for ease of use and potential rather than the reliability/idiot proofing and standards a car from factory has to deal with .
Daniel Atkins
Daniel Atkins پیش ماه
I'm getting a stem woody.
j r
j r پیش ماه
Secrets lol thats a 4 rotor with a big ass turbo. Theres 13bs pushing 1300 thats secrets.
RussDog پیش ماه
Excellent video!
wafflexboy پیش ماه
IRpost has been throwing your videos about this car at me left and right and I love seeing them, but this video is the one that got my sub. I don't have any toy cars (yet) and I've never had an opportunity to work on one but I've always wanted to learn more. This video was amazing, I feel like I learned what it actually means to tune a car. Will definitely be back for more
Nelson Ciprian
Nelson Ciprian پیش ماه
Rob, I know you know what you’re doing but I just wanted to point out that all those injectors going 100% duty will make your fuel pressure tank really quick! Try calling on that last one at 90% to 95%. Love your love for the rotaries!!!
iron dzemol
iron dzemol پیش ماه
How much real hp on this car? 😀
Lance Belshe
Lance Belshe پیش ماه
Professor Dahm in here teaching his subs, and schooling his haters. Keep up the good work Rob! You are an inspiration to me for a personal goal/project, granted I'm not in a place to afford to start the project yet but every time I see your videos it encourages me to at least do research and see how much I can learn before I start so I can shut the nay sayers up when it happens.
GildanBlank پیش ماه
That compressor map be looking kinda... 🥴
GildanBlank پیش ماه
goddamit he made the same joke lol. this is why i love Rob
Nicholas پیش ماه
You don’t gain much on a piston motor with lean or rich changes. Not nearly what you would think
VGK30 پیش ماه
I know more about turbos from Rob than I ever have from any other video I've ever seen. His delivery just works for my brain. Keep doing what you do Rob!
Chad Punte
Chad Punte پیش ماه
What's all this NERD shit?
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe پیش ماه
Love the super technical videos!
R S پیش ماه
Waiting for my shirt lol
Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis پیش ماه
Billet 4 rotor all that boost and $ for that? 20B with mild porting and 20lbs is an easy 1000 + hp all day. H.P. to $ ratio is abysmal. That thing should be making well over 1500whp.
DkingE39 پیش ماه
I love ❤️ this
beegers outdoors
beegers outdoors پیش ماه
Huge plug
Alexander T
Alexander T پیش ماه
I cannot wait to see the grand total for the cost of this build when it’s is finally done! By far the most incredible RX7 ever!
rickracer10 پیش ماه
I never understood the stubbornness to this project, I do get the uniqueness factor and doing what no one else is doing and the passion for one technology in this case rotaries but when a little 4 cylinder G63 engine can put out the same power as this thing costing a lot less, I don’t understand lol I subscribed to this channel like 6 years ago and to this day this thing is not running properly and still looks half done, and the *2000 awhp* claim seems impossible because always one thing or the other breaks down, dude should have left this thing a long time ago. At this point looks like mr. Rob Spaghetti was right that mr. dahm won’t see this finished on his lifetime although I wish him all the best
Julzilla پیش ماه
Today I learned that turbos have a sweet spot called a 'Vagina'. Thank you based god Rob Dahm.
B.J.S Everywhere
B.J.S Everywhere پیش ماه
I have never owned a rotary or plan to but have always been fascinated by them, this channel is teaching me so much.
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