My 106mm Turbo LOST 11 Pounds and Reduced LAG!

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Rob Dahm

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NagizaH8 پیش 3 ماه
The first time Rob talks about losses without it being caused by UPS or his brother
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson پیش 10 ماه
That ther is a rair species of snail rite ther !!!
Eduardo Lugo
Eduardo Lugo پیش 11 ماه
How does it reduces lag when you havent even fired the car up🤔
Gabriel Severa
Gabriel Severa پیش سال
I've literally been subbed for 2 years waiting for these videos, I can't wait to see the completed build! Loving the daily vids.
Lol great freakn video bro..... ur a natural comedian I swear u crack me up bro no lie.....😁 The (3) women comment and one being ur mom had me and my GF on the ground LOL😂
Renko پیش سال
This channel and these videos are excellent.
Hunter Wall
Hunter Wall پیش سال
Drill_tha Bomb
Drill_tha Bomb پیش سال
Love your rx7 dude
KEVIN Avillain
KEVIN Avillain پیش سال
If you ever have a chance to drive a two port peripheral port engine with what I would guess would be called conservative placement I think you would fall in love with peripheral porting. I like you love to have my rotaries idle and lope at a low RPM
matija špehar
matija špehar پیش سال
U could have done 6rotor
FueledFilmz پیش سال
Wish i was going to SEMA this year.
Justin Alexander
Justin Alexander پیش سال
Can't wait until you finish The project in its entirety I expect it to be a true piece of art. Keep it up Rob and thanks for the great content all the neigh sayers can suck it!!!
Wokks پیش سال
should have subscribed much sooner, ive missed so much
Grimmy R1
Grimmy R1 پیش سال
Your garage is like Christmas every day!
Nasty Pete
Nasty Pete پیش سال
Nice glove at 4:34 on the ground there
reubs91 پیش سال
To much chit chat
SOMNIOHM پیش سال
☄☄That 1.3 AR housing is sick af.
Kyle Stroia
Kyle Stroia پیش سال
I can feeeeeel the 4 rotor coming alive!
the great white
the great white پیش سال
What up mr rob the scientists
DAnk bo0ui
DAnk bo0ui پیش سال
Anyone noticed the glove on the floor? Rob got me
Ramjet پیش سال
Please don't plan on your exhaust manifold supporting the weight of that turbo! Make a triangulated round tube hanger support that is bolted to the engine to carry the mass of the turbo. Your manifold will thank you
Tial Products Inc
Tial Products Inc پیش سال
Rob points out that the TiALSport v-band housings have stanchions cast in specifically for this purpose, so you can be sure he'll do it right. This is very constructive advice, though, and thank you for it.
Stan Lee
Stan Lee پیش سال
Is it finished yet? Talk about milking this build for all it's worth...
Bely Bob
Bely Bob پیش سال
So interesting to follow! WOW
Unsprung پیش سال
Absolutely love the daily videos!
Keiran Southern
Keiran Southern پیش سال
Rob - Don’t get it twisted Me - This rap shit is mine😂
Haruka Izanami
Haruka Izanami پیش سال
At this point just CNC a rx7 out of billet aluminum
RobSoStellar پیش سال
Rob you've always been such a cool dude. I'm so excited with all these build videos and I cannot wait for this 4 rotor to come ROARING to life even just on that stand. Love you dude, keep showing the world us Robs are bad ass individuals. :D
al alex D2
al alex D2 پیش سال
Should of put some sealant on that freeze plug
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother پیش سال
Rob, I want to see you add a 3rd spark plug like Mazda's LMP1 Car. You get far more combustion of available fuel. Think about how much power they made NA! Pretty much anyone building a 4 rotor needs boost to exceed 450hp. They were able to hit almost 700 NA. That motor, in theory would easily reach 1500 Hp at 20-25 pounds of boost.
Mike Hancho
Mike Hancho پیش سال
When the title said “lost 11 pounds” I thought he was talkin about boost..
fallen spy
fallen spy پیش سال
How about a 4 rotor powered r34
Grandma3stro پیش سال
Your guess-timates aren't too far off. You might want to play a few lotto tickets.
Chase Dimmitt
Chase Dimmitt پیش سال
Y'all see that glove at on the floor at 4:56
Lord Mary
Lord Mary پیش سال
wastegate the size of my turbo D;
BossHog313 پیش سال
Awe look you’re attaching a car to that turbo 👀😍 I would say RX7 but now it’s not lol Edit: I love this build mad props sir...doing this solo mission has to be fun and frustrating asf at the same time
random-guy-from-the_Internet پیش سال
Nice outro
MunkeyNutzMcGraw پیش سال
Have you seen the 6 rotor I think it's from Japan i saw a thumbnail for it but i wasn't able to watch it cause i was at the doctor i saw a little but not the whole thing
Seth Shaffer
Seth Shaffer پیش سال
This car ever gonna be finished?
Wind of change
Wind of change پیش سال
When your build has taken so long, your once top of the line parts, are now out of date XD. That said, I am so glad you're getting all these badass sponserships and partnerships. Those guys are what makes this build possible in the first place and gives us viewers so much great content.
Ben Peltola
Ben Peltola پیش سال
rotary swap the Diablo, dude
wildcats1511 پیش سال
So damn excited!
MrKelenek پیش سال
As it as strong in case of a turbine shatter ? It's also a concern. It should be, probably stronger actually, but don't forget about that.
Tial Products Inc
Tial Products Inc پیش سال
Stronger. Garrett themselves actually tested our housings for burst containment, and we supplied them with their SFI-certified housings for some time.
Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen پیش سال
Do you need help??
Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen پیش سال
I’m just really bored
Mr Dashpuppy
Mr Dashpuppy پیش سال
Love this guy !
MrDengo999 پیش سال
Omg when will this damn build end? It's what made me subscribe and years later it's still not finished. :(
wrafterj پیش سال
Rob, you have to get to new zealand, we've got a bunch of 4 rotors running around, and all of them will say "bigger turbo = better"
J J JR پیش سال
How did he get a all these parts from Garrett and Tial... he Rob Dahm. 🏃‍♂️💨💰🏛
Brad Scott
Brad Scott پیش سال
rotang antz87
rotang antz87 پیش سال
Fuck yeah rob it's looking good bro cant wait to hear that tiny bit of brap brap when you start it up 🤙🤙
Kim Soerensen
Kim Soerensen پیش سال
Hi Momma Dahm, Please make sure your son sleeps at least twice a week!
J. M.
J. M. پیش سال
Id put that shit on a Cummins ISX!!!
Slick Six Racing
Slick Six Racing پیش سال
Greta's 86 loser family and friends gave this the thumbs down...
villen پیش سال
By the time this is done no one is going to care anymore lol
MSEngineering David
MSEngineering David پیش سال
'' Sort of power '' that hasn't been made yet. Hurry up and up load the engine failure video.
J M پیش سال
That engine should be better than the 26b in the 787 unless he built it! it's not the issue he is. Why hasn't it been on an engine Dyno? In 3yrs I'm disgusted at this cash grab acting like he's educated on rotary's 😂😂😂.....He's stalling for his greedy problems like his wife's $90k range (just a guess I stopped caring about this when he rolled it to SEMA pathetic!) That 4 rotor has more of a chance than that bougie ass all wheel drive nothing will fit it chassis he's running! Just stop calling this "rx7" anything and go on and drop a 1200hp turbo LS in it but then you'd be done and not have this MASSIVE income stream! See my point? Plus don't brag about a turbo Maclaren, literally no one cares bro. But yeah get all these kids to support your brothers habits too why not? 🤔
Alex Durben
Alex Durben پیش سال
Been watching for a long time. I gotta say, you're going to be huge! Keep up the great and informative content!
john cuervo
john cuervo پیش سال
Just post one video a week. Record less and edit on Saturday. Take Sunday off. Just show shit getting done. You are going to drag this shit out till your channel dies and you'll never finish it
J M پیش سال
His channel and him deserve to fail after that SEMA pathetic rolling chassis bs. 600k people? 90% don't know what a Wankel is and this is just him lying and acting at this point. I was really excited to check back in after starting my own gtu.... But he's just a scammer. Low key trying to make his brother get paid to work on his own car like he's done. While I'm sweating my ass off working on ACTUAL engines every day? Naw man this is scammer "(Rob)ery" 101. Next he'll need $100,000 cuz his dog has cancer he couldn't hide the IRpost money from the IRS in rental properties any longer! 💯🤬
Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson پیش سال
Isn't all this from like 3 years ago?
Pirate of the web
Pirate of the web پیش سال
Titanium? Nah. That's not rich enough for rob's blood. Hes going full inconel for sure.
Tyler Greenwood
Tyler Greenwood پیش سال
Ay rob we believe in u bro, u will build the best 4 rotor in the world😊😊
Jason Mcclean
Jason Mcclean پیش سال
That 1.3 is huge
Scooby Moto
Scooby Moto پیش سال
Who the shit dislikes these videos? My guess is LS people.
Feral Man
Feral Man پیش سال
Tial Products Inc
Tial Products Inc پیش سال
Great job on the explanation and walk-through, Rob. We're so pleased to be along for the ride on this project. See you, and everyone else, at SEMA!
Jane Huzrad
Jane Huzrad پیش سال
I don't understand half the stuff your'e talking about when it comes to the car, but i fucking love your videos! I'm slightly obsessed with your channel now... I keep re visiting your old videos just to get my fix!
Evan Birmingham
Evan Birmingham پیش سال
So your mom knows how perverted you are aha XD
Zombie plant
Zombie plant پیش سال
New video?
GL Premium
GL Premium پیش سال
Rob, topnotch!
Natefrm860 -
Natefrm860 - پیش سال
So when will this actually be done
J M پیش سال
NEVER. He seems to be unable to do anything but Addy "we're going to start a business man it's going to be great take all the money from these patreon plebs". I'm sad I thought he understands the Wankel. He's just a wanker's dam boy is the reality. It's not running cause he didn't build it. That should of been filled on the engine Dyno after building a year ago+. This is dumb. I'm over it. Acting like even 5% of how audience understands hot side vs compressor side turbo physics to sound smarter? Not cool
bergrud پیش سال
I think Its 130mm. Not 1.3 whatever.
Gloves Guy
Gloves Guy پیش سال
IDK how the f**k this car is gonna hook up
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin پیش سال
Awd, and lots of contact patch and a modern ecu to name a few ways.
Richie R
Richie R پیش سال
Funny that you're measuring weight on the turbo. You're 2 turbos weigh more than me!
Weigh em both and minus the difference?
Rene Stanneveld
Rene Stanneveld پیش سال
boring shit. no mouse content.
Alexi Peck
Alexi Peck پیش سال
I wish you'd used the words of AvE, give it a tappy tap tap
TxTex777 پیش سال
Wow I never thought I'd be 3% of anything.
andrewdini panda
andrewdini panda پیش سال
lean is mean
Vincent Jacobsen
Vincent Jacobsen پیش سال
Wait so if u make this awd How fucking fast is this thing gonna go 0-60
Patty cakes
Patty cakes پیش سال
Pop ups are worth every bit of work
Ahmed Ayash
Ahmed Ayash پیش سال
Good luck buddy
Sebastian Hecker
Sebastian Hecker پیش سال
Keep up the good work Rob! Looking forward to seeing the 4 Rotor complete and running! 🤤
John BassHead Work
John BassHead Work پیش سال
james knight
james knight پیش سال
Curious Why are you not running a twin scroll set-up. ?
luke kilah
luke kilah پیش سال
Bombay !
Bombay ! پیش سال
Enjoy all your videos!
Jaeyden Scott
Jaeyden Scott پیش سال
115 conspiracy if you know you know and size does matter lol
Sheep پیش سال
good on your sponsors, but the "NOT FOR RESALE" would annoy the living shit out of me
J.Hunter پیش سال
that turbo weights more than my thicc ass DH bike lol
Ext0rti0nist. پیش سال
this thing better beat an chiron
raymond koledoye
raymond koledoye پیش سال
When the deadline end Rob ? 🤔
Foozefighter پیش سال
im gonna just not click on robs videos again, its just talk talk bragging talk talk talk bragging talk talk talk talk talk ... every time ... just talk talk bragging talk braggin talk ... i get bloody tricked every time thinking something interesting is going to happen ... but no ... just talk talk talk bragging talk talk talk braggin some more bragging and some more talk
Brent پیش سال
Less talking about it just get on and get it running
V L پیش سال
Next video: My 106mm turbo melted!
wrighty338 پیش سال
So your expensive 4 rotor is bodged with glue for its semi peripheral ports?
Corey H
Corey H پیش سال
Outro to the video explains alot! Great job keeping up with awesome content!!
Ismail A
Ismail A پیش سال
Ahhhhh one day I can look back and binge watch rob dahms 4 rotor series....rob dahm and chill>>>>>>Netflix and chill
Adam Randell
Adam Randell پیش سال
Hey Rob, If you read this check this site. They make "indestructible" seals, both apex and edge. They sell to dragster teams and have and impeccable name in the industry, check em out! They are part of south coast rotary...
HighPotency پیش سال
Rob: "Bigger isn't always better, remember that, ladies." Rob's mom: "Ight imma head out."
Philip Koscica
Philip Koscica پیش سال
@ 4:33, we all just got got. (look at the glove below the table) XD
Kelvin Knudson
Kelvin Knudson پیش سال
When installing freeze plugs. Apply a small film of RTV to the plug before installing. This ensures a water tight seal.
Don't choke On your aspirations director
Don't choke On your aspirations director پیش سال
Why does the 4 rotor RX7 not have any floors.... rob i know you like weight reduction but ITS TIME TO STOP!!