Making a Control Center in the AWD 4 Rotor RX-7

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Rob Dahm

پیش 29 روز

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Joe Maddox
Joe Maddox پیش 21 روز I have found and saved the rarest Mazda FC RX7 ever made! Now this car is rare. Really rare! Let me break this down really quick... Ever heard of the rare 100 GTUs rx7s? Only 40 have ever been claimed and only 7 are confirmed at the time of this posting! Here are the rarest rx7 FC3S models: 1500 10AE Turbo models 1400 infini 1000 winning limited 150 final edition convertible 100 GTUs... out of that 100: 83 red on black 10 black on black 7 white on blue There was only 100 GTUs models created between 1989 and 1991. If you own one of these rare models sign your car up to the registry list here on any of the rotary forums! There are rumors about a restamped GTUs model... The entire origins GTUs owners thread on the rx7club was modified, icemarks claims deleted, registry list changed to have a confirmed section and the mods agree there are not enough GTUs models to have the restamped. Icemark cites himself while making up the claims almost 20 years ago. 😆 There are no restamped GTUs models, only GTU. Stop spreading false information. There are only 100 GTUs models made, only 40ish have been claimed to have been found, only 7 have been confirmed! If you have a real GTUs you can register it here!
Tom Kao
Tom Kao پیش 23 روز
This is ridiculous, I have notifications on but it didn’t work.
Mackenzie Dekker
Mackenzie Dekker پیش 24 روز
Should have made it so there is a flange down the bottom near the chassis so you can take it in and out.
No Limit Brian
No Limit Brian پیش 24 روز
@robdahm check out these kids building a turbo rotary mini bike they also have a rotary go kart with the 787b livery. It’s pretty dope. @ build break repeat
Truth Or consequences
Truth Or consequences پیش 24 روز
No sleep till Brooklyn
Randall Borgman
Randall Borgman پیش 24 روز
This will be great in the this vs that race
Zion Blac
Zion Blac پیش 25 روز
Is rob dead is been almost a whole week
bow hook
bow hook پیش 25 روز
Rob : ill be uploading daily videos again Me 4 days later: :|
Harrison Cheesman
Harrison Cheesman پیش 25 روز
Please make a better looking billet knob for the brake bias adjuster haha would make that panel look even better than it does
Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION پیش 25 روز
I have been learning welding recently, currently learning Mig, but will be learning Tig soon. Your actually pretty good at Tig Welding with your knees XD.
kamil Kamil
kamil Kamil پیش 25 روز
Hey Rob, love watching your videos always looking forward to the next one. They keep me sane while in college lol, would love to see uncut videos and more live streams. Rock on 🤘 !
D.L Media
D.L Media پیش 26 روز
Rob ? where are you i need some one to telling me how to be a great engineering
Josey Wales
Josey Wales پیش 26 روز
This thing is coming along nice!b
Chikonmon پیش 26 روز
that doesnt seem safe in a collision. you may as well mount a metal cleaver to your chassis by the driver seat.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane پیش 26 روز
Long week end - run out dimbless... I need my DAHM fix :D
Mary Jane
Mary Jane پیش 26 روز
Dahm fix t-shirt SUPER SPECIAL SHIRT.. Ouh. BTW. MATT GARRIGAN. demoranch.
Hebrew Hooligan
Hebrew Hooligan پیش 26 روز
I haven't finished yet so maybe you explained, but why are you mounting it to the body. Every vehicle I have ever been in just has them mounted to that spot on the dashboards, and they work great. If you want them to not have flex you just make sure the sheet metal doesn't have any flex, and then that it touches in multiple locations through the dash. The big thing is have a mount that screws into the front near the opening and then some anchor that goes back a few inches so it can't wobble. It just seems like crazy over kill. Especially since you will be working on this car so much and will have to remove it at some point. Not trying to jinx you but it's not a question of if it's WILL. Love the car man keep it up and you will win SEMA 2021 or 2022 depending on the pleug
Asianleful پیش 26 روز
Jim Daniel
Jim Daniel پیش 26 روز
How much is that sexual in your window?
ian smith
ian smith پیش 26 روز
This was a whole video? Ohh look he can use a drill, a pen, math and a welder. Thrilling content.
Rafeeky پیش 26 روز
Dave پیش 26 روز
Welding near Acetone, gee, what could possibly go wrong there..🤔🙀 💥 💥 💀
finaddict پیش 26 روز
Uuummm you forgot to smack it and say " that ain't going nowhere" it's security to keep whatever in place. It shows your not a dad lol
Connor Lee Duckworth
Connor Lee Duckworth پیش 26 روز
Just use millimetres 😖
AlexSerban پیش 27 روز
OMG wirst Wireing nest in the world
Bruce W
Bruce W پیش 27 روز
*wipes a tear away from my eye* He finally used the knee method
Bernardo LaCosta
Bernardo LaCosta پیش 27 روز
Idk why but that sounded dirty " the center of holes" 🕳 lol love you keep it up
Sam پیش 27 روز
A disconnect in that mount may be a good idea if you ever need to take it back apart. You could take two 2-bolt waste gate flanges and use them as a disconnect flange, or make your own flanges.
easy move
easy move پیش 27 روز
Brent Johnson
Brent Johnson پیش 27 روز
Its nice to see you using the correct equipment and still showing us how its done. Btw still waiting for my shirt....
Meeeeeeetch پیش 27 روز
The wiring triggers my OCD so bad
Instagram _artbyDerek
Instagram _artbyDerek پیش 27 روز
Anybody else goes on a Rob marathon for the heck of it?
k mid
k mid پیش 27 روز
Welding near acetone. Cmon rob
la_Plata پیش 27 روز
I guess the coke builds of the 80s are coming back lol just kidding
Vt Daodao
Vt Daodao پیش 27 روز
this car deserve a MIL spec wiring... I'm eagerly waiting for the time it's done,
ZAYDEN CASTRO پیش 27 روز
Hey I got 3 1980 1981 and 1985 rx7 I don’t know much about them. Two have roll cages installed and used to raced on the salt flats. I was just wondering what you thought.
J.R. Beumel
J.R. Beumel پیش 28 روز
9:55 Rob loves polishing his rod.
J.R. Beumel
J.R. Beumel پیش 28 روز
12:10 Rob has all the power between his legs.
CHEWDUBE AutoMotiveTM پیش 28 روز
Brother Rob after the holes. Look up what a gig tool is. Chamfer tool goes on you drill too. Smooth out the circles
callumnew 2k17
callumnew 2k17 پیش 28 روز
Do you still own your computer company Rob interested hope you see this I love you videos
Hare FD
Hare FD پیش 28 روز
Sorry Rob but I’m definitely gonna have to steal your title of king of the shit boxes, I have yet to see an FD worse than mine.😢
Stephen Northroup
Stephen Northroup پیش 28 روز
What happened to Isaiah??
Tobi Haifisch
Tobi Haifisch پیش 28 روز
So happy, no sparks went to explode that acetone can while you were welding, Rob. :P
7S پیش 28 روز
This might kill you in an accident… :/
Cortnie Smith
Cortnie Smith پیش 28 روز
I’ve never understood why rob always seems to be at the shop at like 3 in the morning.... like does he have a day job or something?
CaptainSensible پیش 27 روز
He runs a computer business I believe.
Chris Farnsworth
Chris Farnsworth پیش 28 روز
I wanna come work with y'all. $12.50 hr I'll do whatever work you need done.
Anyi Perez
Anyi Perez پیش 28 روز
1:26 my whole life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Steven desmarais
Steven desmarais پیش 28 روز
why don't you use your CNC Plasma cutter to make your button pannel ? i'm curious
Gabriel Pepe
Gabriel Pepe پیش 28 روز
You should make a aluminum air-cooled block for welding to cool your projects
sijonda پیش 28 روز
So, why didn't you bolt the panel to the arm?
CenCoast_7.3 پیش 28 روز
Cutting paste is easier to apply/less messy.
sijonda پیش 28 روز
2:02 I'd really like one of those in my car. Currently have one inline with my rear brake line on the firewall.
Joe Piro
Joe Piro پیش 28 روز
You could fish the wiring for the button panel through the support tube if you wanted it to be super trick
Brad Burks
Brad Burks پیش 28 روز
liked before watched
Ben Boyd
Ben Boyd پیش 28 روز
The wiring gives me anxiety attacks. I assume you're redoing it cleaner with proper motorsport connectors and such? All the Home Depot spec terminals on there will fuck up in short order and electrical problems are the WORST.
Sasha Z
Sasha Z پیش 28 روز
no locktite?
Jake Caissie
Jake Caissie پیش 28 روز
Careful welding so close to electronics
Auto Body Everything
Auto Body Everything پیش 28 روز
Its a sign of integrity and longevity.... You know how ppl like to critique, Those who dont know much will judge your car and your work over the most insignificant things. Come press even a single button on this rx7 and say something.
Auto Body Everything
Auto Body Everything پیش 28 روز
I must say amazing craftsmanship and heart. Im seeing this car at SEMA and in magazines in the next couple years. Ple are going to be making you offers.
Wtf is this content jesus drilling and sawing montage really? Desperation nation
Armand Laurin
Armand Laurin پیش 28 روز
Your video are very very interesting 👍
Jony Albat
Jony Albat پیش 28 روز
1:37 I quit my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Ignacio Manzi
Ignacio Manzi پیش 28 روز
Rob, you should look into's hand controls for your TIG torch. I think it will really make a difference welding in those tight areas.
Kage Nashi
Kage Nashi پیش 28 روز
Im sorry but, it triggers me so much how uneven you placed them xD
Alexandros Pozidis
Alexandros Pozidis پیش 28 روز
Rob old engine or gear oil (even better) mixed with old/new gas or diesel is a great penetrating oil and a better drilling lube than DW40 also hella cheap. Adjust the ration in regards to preferred viscosity and application.
overbehindunder پیش 28 روز
"It's exciting; It's so exciting... I.. Did This.. Myself.." Yep, best feeling there is.
markcozzie پیش 28 روز
Wow Rob is getting his hand dirty and working on his own car,makes a change from seing him buy every part then getting his mates to fit it,😭👍😂...
Gary Meola, Jr.
Gary Meola, Jr. پیش 28 روز
VF1 sitting right next to him and he is struggling with an old manual mill with a broken DRO. 😂 Still another great video Rob !! Thanks for sharing brother. Great work as always. 🤙🏻
Matthew B
Matthew B پیش 28 روز
So many wires....
matt hill
matt hill پیش 28 روز
Only problem I can see is the panel isn't removable so if you need to get to the wires behind there it's going to be a dash out job everytime
matt hill
matt hill پیش 28 روز
This was so satisfying to watch
Joshua Pakkiri
Joshua Pakkiri پیش 28 روز
Rob Dahm : "I'm the king of shit boxes..." Emelia Hartford : "Am I joke to you??"
Hrvoje Husić
Hrvoje Husić پیش 28 روز
Rob please dont go insane
Craig Barrett
Craig Barrett پیش 28 روز
But 'please' folded cloth in the shifter hole......😳 Work on "if it can happen, it will ".......
Richard Browne
Richard Browne پیش 28 روز
Just keep working. I don't understand wiring. Wiring to me is like Kryptonite to Superman.
GordoWG1 WG1
GordoWG1 WG1 پیش 28 روز
That slight welding distortion is actually a good thing, it pre-stresses the plate when the parts are bolted to it, making it stiffer than would otherwise be the case. You may wish to add another strut to the plate or end of the support, to reduce or remove vibration - but that will come down to testing, and you may not need it.
bumpstart پیش 28 روز
how cool. so cool. acetone on the bench with the welder
Jake Heke
Jake Heke پیش 28 روز
But.....the wiring birds nest is triggering my ocd.
Jake Heke
Jake Heke پیش 28 روز
Love all the continuous content, Robert. Keep up the good work!
Reverend D
Reverend D پیش 28 روز
Good to see you put your control center on a pedestal.. Looks great, so when is blast off?
Jeffrey Coppens Jr
Jeffrey Coppens Jr پیش 28 روز
Hell yeah Rob! It’s gotta feel amazing progressing your skills and watching your baby come together. I am very impressed with your skills and intelligence.
Everything car bro
Everything car bro پیش 28 روز
Hello there rob can you please make a video of your garage talking about all your tools and everything please I am only 14 years old I have studied automobile engineering book fully all the part 1 , 2 , 3. And now I want to see what tools and many thing you have can you please make a video about that please rob I understand there is a competition for you and is it possible at least after the competition please I have planned to build my own race car formula v if you are interested you can checkout my channel and the race car build. Thank you
Marc پیش 28 روز
I wouldn't store the acetone container on the welding table lol
nemisis69spec پیش 28 روز
Dude u seriously need to learn to end videos this abrupt style u have is urking
Bobsta90 پیش 28 روز
You were holding back on us by not saying ‘That’s not going anywhere’
Esco bar
Esco bar پیش 28 روز
You can use your CNC machine as a manual and do these things that you do on the drill press if your screen keeps bugging out. My T1 is a drill chuck so you don't have to load and change tools in the machines turret. Your position screen will allow you to monitor everything
Mixalis Stathis
Mixalis Stathis پیش 28 روز
MAX-k پیش 28 روز
Rob, learn metric already. It will simplify your life so much.
Kelvin Knudson
Kelvin Knudson پیش 28 روز
yo.. solid knee weld bro
James Moore
James Moore پیش 28 روز
Time for a new machine brother start upgrading the machines they make your job easier and can be used to make you money
TheSuperduperzach پیش 28 روز
Nice this is spinal tap reference
N Y پیش 28 روز
2 management?
Jeremy Lutzz
Jeremy Lutzz پیش 28 روز
Vid to short need more input but your killing it ✌️😷
ZV Auto Build
ZV Auto Build پیش 28 روز
Not sure how I would feel about having a pipe pointing directly at me (that's not collapsible), in an extremely fast car that I plan on racing. Just a thought.
SomeGuysg پیش 28 روز
Why do I get the feeling that you are definitely going to cut that dash plate out :p there is a reason why it is removable.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith پیش 28 روز
You’re knowledge is incredible.
Gung Ho
Gung Ho پیش 28 روز
at the very end "oh my god" hahah him just realising what the fucks happening.... hes finshing the car... with every idea and thing hes ever anted to do against all the nay sayers hahahahha good on ya rob!
HavokStrifeX پیش 28 روز
No one ends a video like Rob Dahm
Adam Sparrow
Adam Sparrow پیش 28 روز
Pull the back off the DRO I bet there's a loose wire.
xempt. one
xempt. one پیش 28 روز
Just wondering the reason why its hard mounted and not mounted in the dash itself? Are you not running the full dash or something?
Nathan Brennan
Nathan Brennan پیش 28 روز
Why not use the laser cutter to make that panel??
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