I start cutting into my Rotary Engines! More HP coming.

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Rob Dahm

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Anthony N
Anthony N پیش 10 روز
Ahhhhh ROB.... no deburring and you can't work out the fitment issue...! Your simplistic stupidity cracks me up..!
thomson himes
thomson himes پیش ماه
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Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson پیش ماه
So. Youre callin them the Dahminatrix, right?
ballport1998vt پیش ماه
That poor reamer. Go slower with the reamer half the speed of hss drill. Feeds and speeds look them up they will be your friend. That hole will now be a little oversized for sure
ryan cawdor
ryan cawdor پیش ماه
This is genius level machining and engineering. I've known master level machinists that would be proud of your work. Look out for the differential expansion of aluminum and the steel rods. It may be an issue with the aluminum housing and the steel rods may cause distortion of the combustion area. Try putting the housing in the freezer before final assembly. I'm not a great machinist. I'm just thinking about how hard you beat these engines and I think some distortion is going to happen at high engine temperatures. The apex seals are very delicate compared to piston rings. Just consider it. I don't know the specific metals or if they are cast or forged. I have faith. go for 2k hp.
powcar91 پیش ماه
Now we need Rob to mill out his Eccentric Shaft.
Jacob Warnke
Jacob Warnke پیش ماه
Hey Rob get you a few sets of 1,2,3 blocks. they work great for fixture up parts in the machine.
Marcus Nilsson
Marcus Nilsson پیش ماه
Dont run 100% rapid first test run hahaha jeez scared the crap out of me, also you know you dont have to use 16mm pin cutter to make a 16mm hole right?
P.J. Hall
P.J. Hall پیش ماه
Think he's ever going to turn the rapid down?
BBOZGamer2017 پیش ماه
''these are all virgin holes we gotta fuck em'' -Rob Dahm an amazing man
James Carter
James Carter پیش ماه
Do some more reading on your Renishaw probe macros. You are able to probe those two opposite dowel holes and calculate the angle to tell the machine to apply that to the WCS. So you post the real coordinates in your GCode and the machine applys the rotation offset. Good work so far 👍
Stephen M
Stephen M پیش ماه
so... how about making a bigger dorito?
Trevor Caron
Trevor Caron پیش ماه
From supporting splitters with wood to machining an engine in his own cnc. They grow up so fast😥
molak34 پیش ماه
Why don't you interpolate the holes instead of using that crappy reamer ?
molak34 پیش ماه
If you can cut your reamer with a band saw ... Your reamer is shit.
Mr Wolsy
Mr Wolsy پیش ماه
Endmill used as boring bar, works, chinese reamers can be a bit sus tho.
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson پیش ماه
All rotary motor lovers should be knowledgeable about hydrogen fueling= high compression, higher octane = more horsepower, more miles per gallon, far more efficient
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson پیش ماه
You should add direct hydrogen fuel injection, using dry hydrogen fuel cells for increased horsepower, longer engine life, cleans out the engine, adds higher mileage per gallon extending your driving range, also hydrogen gas is higher octane than gasoline and e85 meaning you can run higher compression ratios = more practical and itll sound like an f1 car
Sea Bass
Sea Bass پیش ماه
I reamed out a few holes in my day.
R O M C H O M P A پیش ماه
damn it YT i dont care about rob dahms dumb noob projects
Brighton پیش ماه
8:48 every one cringes when you grab sharp metal and pull away real fast
OvAeons پیش ماه
I laugh at the piss babies who thought Rob would never get anywhere with his projects!
Jimmy St-Jean
Jimmy St-Jean پیش ماه
As a mechanic and a machinist, this kind of content is pure 🔥🔥🔥
Sam22112 پیش ماه
been a machinist for years and it's great to see this content on your channel rob great work
you warm those housings up those dowels will drop in no hammer required.
Madarius پیش ماه
Second hole always needs more lubricant.
Zaralho DZN
Zaralho DZN پیش ماه
Build the 69 rotor
protator پیش ماه
Wouldn't it be easier to just ream three of the bores and then line-bore/hone the rest?
Josh Man
Josh Man پیش ماه
If you're testing this thing on a dyno then instead of pushing single gears to it's max rpm one at a time. You really should be shifting at ideal/optimal times and using the dyno data to do real time calibration right then. To your car's computer. Your shifting in the Ken Block race was sub.
Mr Infraction666
Mr Infraction666 پیش ماه
Want to beat Ken block in a new battle? , is a crazy wild car, such a inspiration to see that rx7
Jack Wignall
Jack Wignall پیش ماه
Just a tip, when reaming you need a much slower rpm 😉. Great vid
asambi69 پیش ماه
All this precision then he cuts the reamer with a bandsaw.
Marvin Zimmermann
Marvin Zimmermann پیش ماه
I would use single set for the first cut after you programmed something. So that way the machine only reads one sentence and after you start again, the next sentence. I would also slow down the feed and the rapide traverse. You can avoid colisions in that way. When programm is fine on the 1. Set you can changr to fully automatik. Sorry for bad translation
Kim Soerensen
Kim Soerensen پیش ماه
So this is where Uncle Bumblefuck's Town Pump CNC wound up! Jokes aside, that's two of my favourite channels that now not only have a CNC, but is showing me great ways to make use of one
Mike Luedcke
Mike Luedcke پیش ماه
i fucking LOVE this!
hodillac پیش ماه
Today Robs drilling some virgin holes...
D4RKHOUND پیش ماه
Rob, pilot holes and reams are your friend! Also End mills usually don't facilitate cutting straight down, end mills are great for pockets but drilling is best left to drill bits and remember, go up in stages once you've drilled a fairly decent pilot hole then you can finish it off with a drill bit going a little slower then ream it out to it's final point Edit, in some cases you can run reams fast but personally when i made tooling i'd take the reaming stage slow because that is truly a make or break moment.
Gerrit-Jan Bergwerf
Gerrit-Jan Bergwerf پیش ماه
Very cool to see you going from no machining experience to this level so quickly :)
Danydaniello پیش ماه
Show us Tavarish’s engine
Yan nick
Yan nick پیش ماه
you should put a champfer on the holes before you reem them. It increases the lifespan of you tool. Als the dowelpins dont get damaged in the assembly
fronix پیش ماه
I understand Rob likes to learn stuff himself. And in no way am I taking away what he has accomplished so far (it's fantastic), but in this case I feel like he would benefit so much from asking a professional for tips just so he can get those precise holes. We're talking .000 mm here which adds up quickly when doing multiple holes on multiple rotors.
Savvas Agathokleous
Savvas Agathokleous پیش ماه
Coming soon Rx7 2500hp🚀🚀
Creator 262
Creator 262 پیش ماه
Opening up a deep hole is a job for a boring bar. Fyi. End mills chatter, and are not for drilling. Reamers deflect whether you like it or not. Get a kaiser microbore head. READ A BOOK, TAKE A CLASS.
Creator 262
Creator 262 پیش ماه
Acting like hes the first guy to ream a hole 😂
Asmira پیش ماه
Two things rob, one ditch the endmill and get a drill., two, you WANT the reamer to be slow, at that size on a g85 you would be looking probably pretty good at s700 f7. As long as your coolant is the right % range
Erfolgreich Wissen
Erfolgreich Wissen پیش ماه
Very nice, welcome to the world of Metalheads :-D
Robert Browne
Robert Browne پیش ماه
Chatter is the song of my people. Don't judge.
MannyMakes ModesteMusic
MannyMakes ModesteMusic پیش ماه
"it's actually the holes are already fucked, but these are Virgin holes"
MannyMakes ModesteMusic
MannyMakes ModesteMusic پیش ماه
We all should know what five inches look like, get rid of the measuring tape.
SirPlsCalmDown پیش ماه
4:24 When Rob's cutting virgin holes with his plugs installed....
That Guy
That Guy پیش ماه
In this episode Rob penetrates virgin holes... Stay tuned.
lennart rolland
lennart rolland پیش ماه
Damn straight, mount those virgin holes off the table.
Kyle Moto
Kyle Moto پیش ماه
You sure are reaming a lot of holes in this video...
ziz nator
ziz nator پیش ماه
You may want to consider performing a couple of tolerances stacks for the motor housings if you're planning on doing full swaps universally. While you can hold precision you're going to end up with a distribution of the tolerances from one end of the bolt hole true position spectrum to the other. it's actually a fairly simple stack as well since you're dealing with just a dowel connection and bolts in a pattern but will save you a nightmare later on when you go to match two edge case (but still within spec) housings and they don't go together because they're on the small end but also shifted either circumferentialy or radially relative to one another.
Patrick R
Patrick R پیش ماه
Put a rotary in a crown vic
DonOblivious پیش ماه
Rob, dude, put your safety glasses on before using the air to blow away chips. Trust me, you DO NOT want a metal chip scratching your cornea. It is no fun at all. Also order a bunch of 123 blocks. You've spent so much money and time trying to ream a perfect hole but if you're using random scrap chunks of aluminum in your setup you're going to ream those holes at a random angle. More blocks + more clamps = more accurate hole.
Muu Music
Muu Music پیش ماه
Rob Dahm has become obsessed with holes
ibiza kol
ibiza kol پیش ماه
Jig /jig/jig and stop using Amateur clamps and the reamer needs to be about 350rpm ish .
cncaliguy09 پیش ماه
Rob playing sex music during reaming.
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor پیش ماه
Ahhhh a Haas!!!
Xbox SeriesX
Xbox SeriesX پیش ماه
Liquid nitrogen shrink the shafts
Ξανδρος Peaches
Ξανδρος Peaches پیش ماه
I'm curious if Rob is looking into getting a lathe. Since he's getting into machining his housings, and I expect he'll eventually machine raw billet into a housing someday, he should also get into lathe work and just make dowels, bolts, and shafts himself as well.
Button Basher
Button Basher پیش ماه
More please Sir, can I please have some more please Sir? Haha lol I need the next video asap now hesitation post that shiz I needs it before I start to withdraw hahah
Jay Krauss
Jay Krauss پیش ماه
If those spark plugs weren't fouled, they are now.
13 seven
13 seven پیش ماه
a spiral reamer wont chatter like a straight fluted one
bobos245 پیش ماه
Reamer 1:35 actually needs to go WAY slower. And doesn't an end mill need a peck drill canned cycle?
Tony Brochu
Tony Brochu پیش ماه
Rob running that M08 full program like R Kelley on a Friday night. Rob, did you write your own gcode or use the pendant installed controllers and programmers to set it up for each op?
s9khein پیش ماه
No shame in turning your rapid down. Moving pretty fast for an untested program.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford پیش ماه
its funny watching that spark plug back out while its being machined.
coco Boo
coco Boo پیش ماه
You should vacuum the shavings not blow the off
Stavros Georgiadis
Stavros Georgiadis پیش ماه
I'm curious to see if we will have any new innovation on the rotary engine out of this channel.
thatjokerperson پیش ماه
excited for the billet housings and like complete billet engine this channel is just gonna get more insane
v3ktör147 پیش ماه
hondapride59 پیش ماه
Fixturing will help with everything tackling a project like this. You could make a fixture based off those 2 outside dowels so that you can put the parts in at the same location every time. It would likely be a bit outside your comfort zone but getting a solid fixture down will help tremendously.
bash555 پیش ماه
early 80's soft saxophone pr0n music! I approve!
Timmy Reeves
Timmy Reeves پیش ماه
Rob you need to machine billet six rotary next as we all know best weighted engine is an inline six
j p
j p پیش ماه
You can get a ball hone to help deburr and smooth out the bore after the reamer. It'll help make everything go together that much smoother, and more importantly, come apart easier. Like others said you should either cut a chamfer on the leading edge of the bore with the HAAS or do it as a manual op with a die grinder.
Stanley پیش ماه
You know whats 16mm too? 0,62992126in
Brad Burks
Brad Burks پیش ماه
Liked before watched
MrYAPP0 پیش ماه
Your videos calm my soul
John Simons
John Simons پیش ماه
I love this channel because he started out building a car, and along the way he is picking up serious skills to improve future builds and being able to do more and more himself, such a great Journey to follow. Thanks dude. Greetings from Holland.
entritur پیش ماه
I started learning CNC at home myself around the same time you got your HAAS. cept mine is a crappy g0704 conversion in my garage... glad to see we are at the same point in our lives trying to figure this stuff out. Your metrology gear is really amazing and I covet the tool changing/tool holding stuff which definitely takes some of the terrifying guess work out of doing this stuff... (I literally touch off the part from each side to figure out where I am at and i use a 5v signal on my tool and part as an E-Stop to get as close as possible. Any rate, keep up the good work and learning this stuff. you're going to make some amazing parts once you get the hang of it.
aurora2319 پیش ماه
This guy is amazing. He's got the mindset that there's nothing he can't do if he puts his determination into the work.
Brian Ouwersloot
Brian Ouwersloot پیش ماه
im sorry to interrupt but it genuinly says MORE horse power and how many more are you going to add 2000 AWD HP ???? how far do you wanna push it ???
Henran45 پیش ماه
You should invest in some real drill bits, the end mill you are using is not ideal for going straight down, they are more used in going down with a circular motion but as of right now you should start pecking with what you've got
Forcefed2002 پیش ماه
ROB, take that two rotor test assm. & flip it bolts-down on a table & drill holes. Now insert 5/8 PVC tubes (the lengths of the bolts) into the table. That way as you tap them out of rotor assm. for teardown, the bolts come out straight by the capture of the pvc. Will help keep holes In rotor true. Pop some caps on bottom of PVC tube (so bolts don't just drop through to the floor) for 1 man operation. Will look like a PVC tube jail but under the table. May also need to brace the tube jail as pvc can flex a good amount. But then you could build one out of moly tubing for more stability now that u can weld 👍
SantoroTv پیش ماه
can't wait to see rob running he's own rotary. dahm rotary engine lol
John Brockmeyer
John Brockmeyer پیش ماه
When will you start working on the new corvette. I love the work and builds you do because other then b is for builds all other car IRpost channels do the same thing turbos, superchargers,wraps, and wide body kit anybody can buy. I love real custom builds that you have make the parts or use part from different cars. Like me I have a custom 1967 fastback right hand drive mustang that was a 1968 coup left hand drive mustang it took 4 years to do it because parts were not made but the firewall and metal dash but I could not get the dash it was on hold for 3years they said so I had to normal dash cut they in to 3 part and moved they to the other side so it looks the same as the ones you can buy now but I did not put a stupid ashtray. I like good custom and weird builds. I just have not decided to fuel injection or do a 2JZ swap because I just move to Colorado Springs and carburetor suck here. Keep doing the same work don’t change because people say it stupid or waste of money and time.
Exerosis پیش ماه
Would anything stop you from just grabbing a block of aluminum and just making your own housings from the ground up?
WB پیش ماه
Subtitle indonesian please......
michael grimes
michael grimes پیش ماه
Reamer twice the speed half the feed
LOUI J پیش ماه
Rob is the only guy I can think of who would be enthusiastic about a 16mm hole bless him 😂
Tiitan Rutse
Tiitan Rutse پیش ماه
whole time he was assembling it i was wondering how's he gonna separate it lol.
crfsikness پیش ماه
Super exact measurements of just shy over 12 inches
7thrx پیش ماه
The jizz jazz is a fucking pro touch.
Kenneth Porst
Kenneth Porst پیش ماه
Rob Roteries inc. get your setup today, we got 2 Doritos 3 doritos and all the way up to 8 Doritos🤘 haha
Caleb Rodriguez
Caleb Rodriguez پیش ماه
pleas make a fixture so all housings are the same
NickZino پیش ماه
The 70’s porn saxophone sets this whole video off lmao
UncleManuel پیش ماه
Soooo, he will do a RD26 then? 😁 Rob Dahm Rotary Engines Inc. 😇
chris carson
chris carson پیش ماه
Question, why not drill the holes slightly smaller and then cryo freeze the opposing part so it shrinks and then hammer them in?
Oh No.... 😂
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