Finally Tubing the AWD 4 Rotor! Cutting it close

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Rob Dahm

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Rya 31
Rya 31 پیش 4 ماه
1:22 that perfect cut, it's like the screaming guy meme
Trevon Sailsman
Trevon Sailsman پیش سال
Best outtro yet lol
Christopher Pettway
Christopher Pettway پیش سال
I used to own 2 1983 Mazda rx7s' and what a amazing experience that was
Christopher Pettway
Christopher Pettway پیش سال
Thanks so much greatly appreciated
Maeryaenus پیش سال
3:21 Noice!
brittenv1000 پیش سال
Did I miss the update on the clutch?
jeff avis
jeff avis پیش سال
Once again may I suggest a name 4 the 4 rotor?? "The Dahminator"
Jeremy Martinez
Jeremy Martinez پیش سال
Something you should know, those wheel bearings will fall apart if the axle shaft and axle nut aren’t compressing it together lol The weight of the car just sitting will cause them to fall apart.
Olipeeee پیش سال
Rob Fan-flaps! Flaps improve the fan shroud performance massively, they allow additional ram air mass flow at high speed whilst maintaining pulled air mass flow via the fan at low speed. PS chassis is pronounced sha-sea not cha-sea :D
Stan Lee
Stan Lee پیش سال
is it finished yet?
Eastonshea Mcferran
Eastonshea Mcferran پیش سال
If you can get your hands on a set of Messer ME03-3 forged Turbofan wheels this build will be even more epic.
SWEET VERY SWEET 🙌💪👍👌✌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Nicolas Heftre
Nicolas Heftre پیش سال
No advertising? Wow... Maybe you should monetize your channel Rob! Just Saying...
Spacebird پیش سال
If you're doing any sort of fabrication/building, trigonometry is useful and important to doing the job right.
R I پیش سال
Tangent is opposite/adjacent not opposite/hypotenuse
Ignavum Asinus
Ignavum Asinus پیش سال
SEMA 2020 Brah
Jase Poag
Jase Poag پیش سال
What? 9000?! That's impossible!
Eric S
Eric S پیش سال
Amazing work
Brody Robinette
Brody Robinette پیش سال
Dear Rob, Thank you for the phenomenal content brother, love how thorough yet so persistent you are able maintain everything all at the same time! The mad-scientist like precision grabs my attention! I don't completely understand, but I have not been more continuously educated on any other automotive channel as much as I have with yours. Love your order of operations, your organization, your consistent diligence, your constant humor even in the toughest of moments, your never ending chase for quality, as well as your ability to describe and explain what seems to be anything and everything! I'm ecstatic to see what is to come of the extraterrestrial Billet Four Rotor RX7 that you're endlessly getting together for SEMA, 2019! Truly eager for the future videos and greatly appreciate all you and Isaiah provide brother! P.S. - "Tube-bending is Mind-bending" T-Shirt and/or hoodie with a slick picture would be pretty sick!
Nicholas Gionet
Nicholas Gionet پیش سال
man if you run out of time to finish that build. just bring the car and have then engine on the stand next to it
Barrens chat
Barrens chat پیش سال
Frick me I'm glad I have a PH in maph.
ВАлерий Невысоков
ВАлерий Невысоков پیش سال
Next step: W H E R E IS 6 R O T O R, ROB?
coty conway
coty conway پیش سال
Tangent is opposite over adjacent 😂😂 might be some wrong math there
No Budget Racing
No Budget Racing پیش سال
You're not supposed to roll a car without axles in the wheel bearing. Need to have torque on them. Dont blame the part for your negligence.
William Saunders
William Saunders پیش سال
Yep this defintely isn't getting finished in time
Not_jair0 پیش سال
“From the guy she told you not to worry about” lol
Da Beast
Da Beast پیش سال
Rob unsprung his mass
Angry Bull 1
Angry Bull 1 پیش سال
Dang...that's awesome
Angry Bull 1
Angry Bull 1 پیش سال
just realized I havent been subbed this whole time.. OMG
Joshua Bower
Joshua Bower پیش سال
You’re going to have to add a cap to the top of that radiator if you not using a pressure bleeder
Hawaiian Hachii 86
Hawaiian Hachii 86 پیش سال
you know the vibes lmfao aye
Simbo پیش سال
I honestly love how you're just shitty elon musk and I mean that in a nice way
Esteban Simonetti
Esteban Simonetti پیش سال
Carefull with the tig welding, you guys can get big uv burns. Should be using both gloves and a heavy long leaves shirt 😁
dont lift
dont lift پیش سال
I just don't see it making it to SEMA under its own power
David Bern
David Bern پیش سال
Thank god he has a kid that does CLEAN WORK on this project... keep Dahm away...
acquacow پیش سال
It's actually "Over 8000"
Al Patto
Al Patto پیش سال
Are JET branded tools HF cheap in the USA? We pay pretty high dollar for them here in Aus. Got a few of their tools really not that bad.
Steel Titan
Steel Titan پیش سال
Those hubs, yeah, thank GM for shipping those jobs over to Korea to make them slightly cheaper, not much but just slightly. Assholes.
AlexSerban پیش سال
Brandon N
Brandon N پیش سال
"Its MATH" - Andrew Yang
rustywrench پیش سال
If i was gay rob would be pregnant.
ScumBagStreets پیش سال
With the radiator ports at the bottom the air won’t bleed out of the system properly. I don’t know if you have a way around that yet?
Faez Paiesh
Faez Paiesh پیش سال
Done following you fortnite guy
Justin likar
Justin likar پیش سال
You’re going to need to flip that radiator because otherwise it’s going to be full of air and basically useless.
Kyle پیش سال
This is the exact same drill press i have at work. Its a massive piece of shit.
Spencer Sansouci
Spencer Sansouci پیش سال
I thought it was, soh cah toa looks like youve got an "h" in your tangent part of the rhyme
Mikee Jhordan
Mikee Jhordan پیش سال
That GUY is the Best ever fabricator...
ooMARLINoo پیش سال
Clock your cvs
Brad Stenger
Brad Stenger پیش سال
Nice video! The end was really abrupt though, leaving me wanting more!
staffa پیش سال
please triangulate the front coilovers!!! on heavy breaking you can already see the bottom tube bending!!! my two cents as mech engineer and ex Formula SAE... cheers from Italy!!!
Shaun PC
Shaun PC پیش سال
I’ve got to be honest I’m dying to see you drive this beaut Rob
Deezie Jones
Deezie Jones پیش سال
I thought it was sin cos and tan 😂
Λουκάς Τζιβελέκης
Λουκάς Τζιβελέκης پیش سال
the bearing that broke while sitting is because you must tight them on installation. if it's loose even the expensive one will brake !!!
GordoWG1 WG1
GordoWG1 WG1 پیش سال
Making good progress - still far from convinced with the design of the reariator and charge cooler, though - time will tell :-)
No image
No image پیش سال
Nice fabrication
troyguererro 08
troyguererro 08 پیش سال
3:02 even the wheel bearing is shaped like a rotor🤣
Lazy Cunt²
Lazy Cunt² پیش سال
can someone give me the @ of the gay fortnite streamer?
troyguererro 08
troyguererro 08 پیش سال
Next episode: engine swapping the drill press!
Rob Brown
Rob Brown پیش سال
sell some old parts buy a decent mic u both keep going dull
andrew geary
andrew geary پیش سال
I hope u pay him really really well. He is one bad ass fabricator
funbox2882 پیش سال
The stub axel that goes through the wheel bearing holds the wheel bearing together, your saying that the 30 dollar wheel bearing is a knock off cos it broke through improper use
JDM Lovers
JDM Lovers پیش سال
This guy is legend!
Mike پیش سال
I would love to see someone using frame (tube frame) as coolant line. If you crash you will broke it but in case of no space it would be cool to see someone use it. But I believe that your frame is steel...
Daniel پیش سال
Use some grease or cutting oil when notching tubes. Water has greatest known heat capacity, but it's not as good lubricant as oil.
Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams پیش سال
Don't forget to add a drain and bleed screw to the radiator before you add coolant.
flakey پیش سال
Meme intensifies
Mike Fabricated Solutions
Mike Fabricated Solutions پیش سال
Hmm guess I do know how to do trig... I always thought it was just normal math. Probably because I didn't make it out of or past 10th grade...
Shona پیش سال
Rob, if you have to take a few days off from IRpost to get more time to get the car ready for SEMA, that's ok. I'm sure we'd all rather see the big unveil at SEMA than on your channel a few weeks later.
Ξανδρος Peaches
Ξανδρος Peaches پیش سال
I wonder, based on how that front bar is actually attached, if that weld will shear in the case of a front-end collision, since you've removed every crumple zone, that front bar should take most of the impact, and hopefully shears to prevent further chassis damage. But then again, we have yet to see the actual front end of the chassis. I don't want to see this car to be crashed, ever, but you should also keep safety in mind.
06evo4g63 پیش سال
absolutely no way that car is finished and going to sema.. unless its just a half ass proof of concept u want to show.
86surge پیش سال
What work light is that at 5:55 in the video?
L1ght Gaming
L1ght Gaming پیش سال
This team is making a Supercar more super, wow!
Einzel Motorsport
Einzel Motorsport پیش سال
One single fan😂
thisisobvious پیش سال
I'm really curious who would dislike this... come on, show yourself and explain.
Strycnine پیش سال
Fortnite nerd... UNSUBSCRIBED!
joseph ramirez
joseph ramirez پیش سال
Damn you and your cliffhangers 👊🏾
jerry henderson
jerry henderson پیش سال
3 4 5 = square
Webba پیش سال
Did you guys almost fuck up SOH CAH TOA? 😂
dudeitsroman پیش سال
Dont want you to rush this for sema and compromise quality. Please for the love of God, keep the quality work all the way to the end!!
Nid Styles
Nid Styles پیش سال
Gay moustache man in wannabe Village People garb? That's your boyfriend?
marshkid1 پیش سال
Wow, what an amazing fabricator!
Nerd Nek
Nerd Nek پیش سال
Great content!!! show everything i love the nerdy shit lol top 3 car channels on the TUBE fo sho
bazza f
bazza f پیش سال
i could have watched hours of this, why did it have to end! :( Wicked progress as always boys.
DjSiN71 پیش سال
I needed Isaya in my life when I built my 20b rx8. His work is beautiful. Of course, having all those lovely tools helps. Dreamy
Nick Henno
Nick Henno پیش سال
soh cah toa lolol
Kill em' to enjoy the silence
Kill em' to enjoy the silence پیش سال
There is no way in hell this car is going th SEMA running Rob.
Jeffery Ampey
Jeffery Ampey پیش سال
“I wish I was high on potenuse” -Troy 🤣🤣🤣
Bryton Massie
Bryton Massie پیش سال
1:23 Rob: "I'm not pressing the button." Isaiah: "That's what I'm scared of." *Flips Switch* Compressor: *BOOOOOOOM!*
Bryton Massie
Bryton Massie پیش سال
0:04 AHAHA! Didn't expect that, you're doing a amazing job keeping things original.
Queue پیش سال
"i stream on twitch" ooo "im a fortnite nerd" awww. killed my intrest
Craig Barrett
Craig Barrett پیش سال
Every episode brings new machinery....starting to look the part of a fabrication shop!😊 Isaiah is a welcome addition at the critical stage...
Dischordant پیش سال
Don't call it trig, you'll scare people off. It's shop math.
Luis A.
Luis A. پیش سال
Your fan is a bit too weak now, this might be a problem in the future since rotaries need a LOT of cooling. Idk just my 2¢
Ian Klingensmith
Ian Klingensmith پیش سال
So I'm guessing he is bringing a "in process" build to SEMA, which is all good.... some people are more interested in on going project than a complete build and I'm one of them..... more fun to look at and talk about
Halliday پیش سال
Every one else: that car has a nice engine Rob: this *nice engine* has a car
GL Premium
GL Premium پیش سال
that bearing have any preload while its been on the car? no preload will lead to premature bearing wear.
Shaquan Davis
Shaquan Davis پیش سال
It’s soh cah toa!!! 😂 rob! Your equation is wrong I’m in studying mechanical engineering in college 9:20
Shaquan Davis
Shaquan Davis پیش سال
jalalala akalalala me too it’s useful never forget it
jalalala akalalala
jalalala akalalala پیش سال
Literally scrolled to find this comment. Learnt this at like 14
Hoosier Patriot
Hoosier Patriot پیش سال
I love how nerdy rob is
SOMNIOHM پیش سال
Nick Blondheim
Nick Blondheim پیش سال
I am so incredibly impressed with how dedicated you are to this build. Not only that, the camera work, editing, finding parts, and making the relationships to further the build. It’s all an incredible amount of work even having time to throw in as much humor as you do! About 2 years ago I did 3 months of solid work till 2-3 in the morning every night to get my car done for a car show and I still haven’t finished editing those videos. Everything you’re doing is amazing and beyond impressive Rob, can’t wait to see the end result of all this dedication at SEMA!
Mike Giulivo
Mike Giulivo پیش سال
Damn those bends are nice!
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