An ENTIRE Carbon Fiber Drivetrain Built for the AWD 4 Rotor RX-7!

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Rob Dahm

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We worked with JE Reel Driveline and Composite Drivelines to make another world first!
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Markus Romeis
Markus Romeis پیش 23 روز
Does someone know an adhesive that can bond Titanium Grade 1 and Carbon Fiber Pipes together as shown in the video?
DRIVER46 پیش 5 ماه
Did you put those components on scale ? I am dreaming of putting carbon driveline and axles but all those metal pices look like weight could be the same as regular or aluminum driveline or axles . Just wondering what is the weight diference ?
Graciel Kelly
Graciel Kelly پیش 6 ماه
Do they use pre-preg carbon fibre or "wet carbon fibre.
symetik پیش 7 ماه
This is actually super interesting. I love getting the REAL info strait from the guys that ACTUALLY know wtf they are talking about.
Jacy Purkiss
Jacy Purkiss پیش 7 ماه
God dahm amazing!
Rocker69 پیش 9 ماه
so that gap between the carbon tube and the metal sleeve that was pressed in is no problem ?
Peter Rollins
Peter Rollins پیش 10 ماه
it just me or does anyone else see the gap between the tube and the "stub" on the baby shaft at 13:33??
Valentin Braun
Valentin Braun پیش 11 ماه
Did they sharpen the carbonfibresurface where the glue goes? If not I gues the glue will be the weak part of the drifeshaft. The reason to sharpen the surface where it´s going to be glued is that the matrix of the composit material has a very finesurface. When you roughen this surface up the glue has a lot more working surface to stick to. Off course it need´s to be cleand again bevore glueing
Greco Conduris
Greco Conduris پیش 11 ماه
The glue holding all that blows my mind.
epoxeclipse پیش سال
I imagine these will hold a lot of torque.. repeated drops though may form micro cracks and eventually present in a larger crack and failure. It will be fun while it lasts though.
KaRysma پیش سال
Raycon blows up lol
jeffrey helms
jeffrey helms پیش سال
I'm going to guesstimate the gross weight of this car to be 1525 LBS. Bravo... humble, enthusiastic, passionate, and perfection! I'm digging everything!
Dru Nichols
Dru Nichols پیش سال
6000 ft lbs? Careful, that's after your transmissions multiplies the torque (probably 3:1 in first gear), and then your diff multiplies it again (~probably 4:1). That means your 6000 ft lb axles can only handle 500 ft lbs from the motor (6000/12). If your first gear is >3:1, or your diff is >4.0:1, then the axles probably can't even handle 500 ft lbs from the engine. What is your first gear and rear end ratio?
no yes
no yes پیش سال
Skip to 1:40
J.C. Moore
J.C. Moore پیش سال
Real life half walrus half man.
Zeusek ϟ
Zeusek ϟ پیش سال
2030 - Rob finally finish his build!
Joseph Ho
Joseph Ho پیش سال
What is the world is 'super concentrated purified water'?
JUSKENZ پیش سال
Next Level axles ☑
Brendan Boozer
Brendan Boozer پیش سال
Anyone else on a FSAE team and smiled thinking that you've done this or something similar before?
Dor Bink
Dor Bink پیش سال
Exciting news everyone , he plans to finish it by 2310. We have our fingers crossed. Rob caint finish dahm will pull through this time for sure
Donald Hamlett
Donald Hamlett پیش سال
Guy at 10:55 used to be a gynecologist
monono954 پیش سال
All I the only one who thinks 6000lb.ft sounds like not enough? Idk what driveline ratios the four rotor will have, but if we assume stock rx7 driveline 3.48 1st gear reduction and a 4.10 differential reduction, that's a 14x torque multiplication. Assume the four rotor makes 500lb.ft(conservative) 500x14= that's 7100lb.ft at the wheels. Something doesn't seem right.
Blaznmax 88
Blaznmax 88 پیش سال
Idk about those axles and drive train
Alien Spore
Alien Spore پیش سال
This entire build is wanted money
MikeS10 پیش سال
well that was a cool video with some pros
Peter Haviland
Peter Haviland پیش سال
This car has at least 200K in it at this point
Daniel Gallimore
Daniel Gallimore پیش سال
Is that the guy from the diabetes commercial🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Neil Dedrie
Neil Dedrie پیش سال
Do you balance the axles/dirveshaft?
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane پیش سال
3:00 Yes, glad it is a rotary! And about the insane load capabilities of the shafts, they cannot hold that indefinitely. So you actually made your drivetrain essentially bulletproof!
Wollie پیش سال
this boi is had his AirPods in his pocket while filming the ad
David Portnoy
David Portnoy پیش سال
hey Rob theres an episode on Hoonigan where someone had one of these carbon fiber shafts and it fully exploded/snaped just saying you might want to opt them out for some normal shafts. anyways keep up the good work!
Derek Holden
Derek Holden پیش سال
Who woulda thunk Rob had a BBC? Sorry, BBS.
Vincent Kennedy
Vincent Kennedy پیش سال
5:41 Does he sound like John Goodman to anyone else?
Car Guy66
Car Guy66 پیش سال
That tube they cut is probably worth at minimum like 4000 dollars there is no way its less. Its probably way more. Awesome stuff tho!!!
Max Rudy
Max Rudy پیش سال
I have NEVER been more fascinated by drive shafts and axles EVER
3d Smack
3d Smack پیش سال
Rob Damn your are a little bitch, this was one of my favorite builds until your rant/cry(like a bitch) about your 4 rt clutch getting lost in tracking. You did not take it like a man, you took more a petulant child.
All SPOOLED UP پیش سال
I’m so happy to see you’re in full send mode on this build now. The amount of money that must be flowing out of your pocket must be insane. I’ve never wanted to see a build get finished more then this one
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones پیش سال
Was anyone else waiting to hear about dudes struggle with diabetus?
Nicholas Malone
Nicholas Malone پیش سال
Absolutely dying to see the first 4 rotor launch, anticipating the total loss of drivability ending in an explosion of carbon snowflakes; and flying Doritos.
Unlimited LJ Adventure
Unlimited LJ Adventure پیش سال
Looks awesome. My partners and I use J.E. Reel for all of our jeeps. Great products. Can't wait to see the RX7 done
Triarcs پیش سال
Just want to say that the guy totally bullshited about the strenght of carbon fiber. It is insanely strong, and more than that, incredibly stiff. But in traction only. That why you make cloth of it. But it is way stronger than the strongest steel, for sure, and where it shines, is when you compare two parts made of carbon fiber and almost anything else, relatively to their wheight. And sorting the fibers and aranging them in the right orientation is an art, if you do it wrong, it flexes/crushes.
Casa Del Amo
Casa Del Amo پیش سال
i dont care about your earbuds,
TheWTFsauce پیش سال
Who would of thought building a race car takes more than zip ties and bolt ons
$10 it will shred
WatataWilly248 پیش سال
Diabeetus fella is that you?
Daveed پیش سال
Idk bro..... im hopeful about these axles n drive shafts but dang bro looks sketch...😑
Cherston Warner
Cherston Warner پیش سال
I love talking to machinist. They have such an incremental process to everything they do that makes me feel so reassured about the physics I'm about to test. Thank you Rob and company for pushing the boundaries!
K9 Blue Boi 206
K9 Blue Boi 206 پیش سال
He said FedEx got there on time😂😂 UPS your fired.
hannu316316 پیش سال
Jim seems like a pretty cool guy
piratius پیش سال
Just a quick thought (hopefully you've already done the math): Each Axle tube is rated at 4,000+ft-lb of torque. If you're running 4.10:1 ratios in the differentials, which multiplies the input torque from the engine/trans by just over four times - meaning that 975ft-lbs of torque at the input of the diff would be enough to break a single tube. Add in the fact that the transmission probably has a 3:1 first gear ratio, and suddenly the engine only needs to make 325ft-lbs in first gear to break a single tube. However, since you're driving all four wheels simultaneously, that number increases dramatically - up to about 1300ft-lbs spread across the four wheels before you'd run into problems - I don't think a 4 rotor will hit that number, even with some serious boost. If you had a blown big block you might be in trouble ;) If you break an shaft U-Joint, you should look at the CTM units. They're pricey ($250+ for a single U-joint) but they're stupid strong. The Dana 44 Part number is equivalent to a 1310 series joint, which would interchange with your front driveshaft joint but be bulletproof.
Ser Michael
Ser Michael پیش سال
Carbon fiber wheels too! ♥️
Randy W
Randy W پیش سال
Glad to see parts made at a plant in my hometown, and that I used to work at being used in such a badass car!
justin credible
justin credible پیش سال
How does the air escape when pressing the ends in?
justin credible
justin credible پیش سال
@Rob Dahm ah ok thanks. Seems obvious now that I'm watching thing great about a CF drive train, is if you do have a failure it wont damage the car or even possibly injure you.
Rob Dahm
Rob Dahm پیش سال
Holes in the center of the stubs
Matt Blanks
Matt Blanks پیش سال
Hope the clutch came today
tylerplasek پیش سال
Beach&BoardFan پیش سال
So that carbon tube isnt going to fail, but the bonded joint between the tube and shafts flange will, is there any indicator on there to show if the joint has failed, and the shaft is spinning within the carbon tube?
Chris Weeks
Chris Weeks پیش سال
Not to be a Debbie downer, but it's possible for those axles to see 5,000 ft-lbs. You can still break those things with enough engine torque and gear ratio. Flywheel torque is much different than wheel torque. Still jelly though, those axles are sharp.
TheNicoderm پیش سال
Them dudes are pretty cool Rob.
matt پیش سال
That is very badas$
Emmanuel Monge
Emmanuel Monge پیش سال
Troy Dority
Troy Dority پیش سال
Lets go adhoora!!!
MyLonewolf25 پیش سال
One long video on Dahm playing with his SHAFT this is too spicy for IRpost Should have been uploaded to pornhub
Hugh .Gilbert
Hugh .Gilbert پیش سال
How much force did it take to press the metal pieces into the carbon fibre tubes?
Zogy پیش سال
Is it just bad math on my part, or could your axles actually see well over 5000ft lb of torque? If your engine makes 500ftlb, then goes through a 1st gear at let’s say 4:1, then a differential of 3.73:1, that’s a torque multiplication of 14.92:1. So your 500ft lbs at the crank is now 7,460 ftlbs.
Rob Dahm
Rob Dahm پیش سال
Fortunately it goes up on driveshafts then back down through the diff. The wheels and axles only see what the dyno sees.
Rune Andre Bergtun
Rune Andre Bergtun پیش سال
These are probably tried and tested, but I can't help thinking you kinda need an inexpensive "weak" link to avoid damage to the drivetrain. That could be the clutch though because of the F*ing UPS.
Eric Brooke
Eric Brooke پیش سال
Check out those front drive shafts, the torque steer's gonna be a bitch.
damian armstrong
damian armstrong پیش سال
Is that the diabetus guy?
Kevin Baird
Kevin Baird پیش سال
Do these need to be balanced?
Mr. Hopper
Mr. Hopper پیش سال
Sexy shafts!
Mtb Wheelies
Mtb Wheelies پیش سال
Entire carbon driveterian if you ignore the metal ends 🤔🤦‍♂️ ffs rob
Auto_Kevin97 پیش سال
This is next level dope!
Vip Foundation
Vip Foundation پیش سال
Do they make carbon condoms?
Fordgpw1942ocalafl پیش سال
Freaking sweet I always wondered how carbon drive shafts worked
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe پیش سال
5:54 he may well not appreciate this but he looks like "diabeetus"
anonymous پیش سال
Long live fed ex.....fuck UPS ..boycott UPS ...mass order 66 on UPS
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez پیش سال
wow, i am amazed. way to go Rob, love the content, love the 4 rotor! thank you so much for all the great content! cant wait to see more of the 4 rotor!
Nick Twaddell
Nick Twaddell پیش سال
It's crazy that adhesive is so strong that it can handle all that twisting force. Those guys seem like they know what they are doing!
DTown214 North
DTown214 North پیش سال
What's the weight differences between carbon and aluminium or steel?
Whitts adventures
Whitts adventures پیش سال
I’d say you will break these but I want to be proven Wrong
v10 engines are perfect
v10 engines are perfect پیش سال
Rob dahm... Damn!!
xGxPhantom Zzz
xGxPhantom Zzz پیش سال
The build reminds me of the Spongebob episode, where they analyze seaweed and it comes out as 50% sea and 50%weed..except yours is 50% Billet and 50% Carbon
Charlieinnit Wtf
Charlieinnit Wtf پیش سال
not all carbon the seals and bearings are not carbon
MrRyanthegreat1 پیش سال
Is that 5000 ft-lbs at the axle tube? 300 ft-lbs at the flywheel x 3.5 1st gear x 4.1 final drive = 4,305 ft-lbs at the axle tube. Not including shock loads from clutch kicks.
TheConspiracy Realist
TheConspiracy Realist پیش سال
Seems like every episode you, Rob, are introducing us, your IRpost friends, to some brand spanking new technology that we may have never heard of before. The awesomeness of you being the 1st to test, install and use these groundbreaking technologies in your dream car (and taking us along with you 🎟🎫) cannot be overestimated on the Cool Factor scale for being ONE BADASS MOTHER (Shut your mouth!) and putting the best of everything in the world of Rotory Legend Dreamland into your car is just, just, Wow!!!!🥇🏆🎰🎉 So cool to see you doing this from the inside Rob, Thank You for taking us along on the ride of your life, and letting us be there for the fulfillment of your dreams.. it is AWESOME to witness this!👍🏻👍🏻 Okay, okay, let's not spoil it with your head swelling up!! (jk of course!)🃏 LOL🎃
Niklas Hultkrantz
Niklas Hultkrantz پیش سال
The difficulty in preparing the gluing would be the release agent ion the inside of the carbon fiber axle. Not to check the cleanliness of the steal. It would be interesting to know the fibre orientation on the axle. It looked like 45 degree X2. For that money you would expect a more advanced fibre orientation with variable angles on different layers.
Jesse Saarinen
Jesse Saarinen پیش سال 1Z5234214466436564
kablewsh پیش سال
I gotta wonder why you keep using UPS for shipping anything worth more than $20 when they keep losing your stuff all the damn time...
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown پیش سال
do you know which 3M adhesive they have used for your shafts?
DjSiN71 پیش سال
And I jizzed in my pants! WoW on those shafts. I hope they hold up. Rx8 has carbon fibre main drive shaft. Haven’t broken that yet with 20b T. So....
Josue Plascencia
Josue Plascencia پیش سال
I didn't know Paul senior from west coast customs did drive shafts now. The economy must be hitting the bike business hard
Jim Daniel
Jim Daniel پیش سال
Just for shits and giggles, what would one of these 4-wheel drive drivetrain setups cost if I were to buy it for a similar project? I continue to be impressed by the outstanding top-shelf quality that Rob is using throughout this vehicle. The combination of which makes the car somewhere in the unobtainium range.
Carlos Karczewski
Carlos Karczewski پیش سال
I think the fact that these guys really know what they're doing has helped rob relax a bit. Even with ups shitting the bed as per usual
Leonel Lopez
Leonel Lopez پیش سال
Eh when it comes to working in the shot I like having a loud speaker playing
V M پیش سال
That baby axle looked like it had a gap on the right side.(near end of video) Is that okay?
Crisheight پیش سال
The evil Mr. Spaghetti's attempts to stop the 4-rotor thwarted again!
Ryan Basdeo
Ryan Basdeo پیش سال
I was wondering what happened to the quaker oats guy. He's building drive lines now.
Alex پیش سال
was kinda scared no more vids would turn up after the UPS fuckup but i glad to be mistaken
Paul Gauthier
Paul Gauthier پیش سال
5:50 Dahm you got Wilfred Brimley working for you?
Jaydaks rules
Jaydaks rules پیش سال
Wonder how cheap it would be to make your own lmao that guy was trying his hardest to make it sound scientific.
Tom D
Tom D پیش سال
Should of used UPS. FedEx is too reliable. Nothing keeps you on your toes more than having no idea if you’ll actually get what you order
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