6 Rotor Shaft paid for EXACTLY 5 Years after the 4 Rotor! On my Birthday!

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Rob Dahm

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Heru Hadian Mudjenan
Heru Hadian Mudjenan پیش 2 ماه
Rob... Ive watch ur videos abiut 2-3-4 rotors... Ive learned it... If i am not wrong... The 6 rotors... Could be set like this? Front P ..rotor1...P... Rotor2..CP(without gear).. Rotor 3...P... Rotor 4...CP(withour gear)... Rotor 5...P... Rotor 6...rear Plate... Rotor 1-2-3 in 180 degree.. Rotor 4-5-6 in 90 degree... Sequence.. 1-4-2-5-3-6... If thats simple... Omg.. I love rotary engine.. 😁 Goodluck for you dude...
Heru Hadian Mudjenan
Heru Hadian Mudjenan پیش 2 ماه
What i saw... You have get something that no one even dare to gone that far like making rx7 awd... Maybe will inspired others.. Nothing is impossible if we have a faith and knowledge to do that
Simon Johnston
Simon Johnston پیش 5 ماه
The sexiest car ever made,(in my opinion) 1972 Australian VH charger, big long engine bay for that six rotor. Lol. But change the suspension.
Anthony Genovese
Anthony Genovese پیش 5 ماه
What happened around the 3 minute mark? Looks like he grabbed a guy and threw him into the front of the car? Lol was just like whoa what happened there
PG12MX پیش 6 ماه
after seeing the corvette vid today, knowing its apipe dream that you could do but its not worth it, I hope you dont. i dont want you to look back and say Oh man I dedicated every dollar and daylight minute to my youtube, and it didnt make me a millionaire. well all be old dudes one day, and Save the money from the 6 rotor and the vette build, You accomplished shit few others have really Noone has with the AWD FD, leave it at that wrap it up and save money, you shouldnt have to pay for views and thats what youtube has become in the car world
Bret F
Bret F پیش 6 ماه
Late to the series, but after two days of binge watching the 4-rotor videos, this is by far the best video you’ve made. Oh, I love the technical content, and I wish you covered some of those changes you made (water pump, etc.), but I REALLY liked this video!
Manolin Rodriguez-Moyeno
Manolin Rodriguez-Moyeno پیش 6 ماه
Hey Rob, what cooling fan are you using on the four rotors?
Art N
Art N پیش 6 ماه
Hey, I’m 77 and I have owned 4! rotaries, RX2, RX 4. RX 7 and RX 8. So I’m all over Rob’s channel! That rotary engine is totally addictive! But, the real draw to this channel is Rob! We can learn so much about commitment, dedication, goals, and genuine character from following Rob’s channel! What a combo! God bless you Rob for all your many lessons! I love you man!
chrishep پیش 7 ماه
i think your rambling rob or babbling onward and upward
Halio1984 پیش 7 ماه
p.s. if it hasn't been decided i think the 6 rotor needs to be a sleeper like an astin martin or RR
Juan Jose Peña Quevedo
Juan Jose Peña Quevedo پیش 7 ماه
13:35 it did, in fact. Do what ever you feel better with now. I will follow, because i deeply enjoy your attention to detail, and the word of a man that gets things done. 2020 is going to be a big year.
demonic477 پیش 8 ماه
My parents are the Silent Generation born between 1928 to 1945 I'm a boomer and I was born in 1961 Boomers were from the end of WW2 1946 tell 1964 . then Generation X came in from 1965 to 1980 then the Millennial's came in 1981 to 1996 then came Generation Z from 1997 to 2010 and now were on the Generation Alpha's from the mid 2010's to the mid to late 2020's Most members of Generation Alpha are the children of the Millennial's . so Rob if you were born between 1981 to 1996 your a Millennial so no you are not a boomer. hopefully this can get people up to speed about this crap like I said I'm a boomer so all his don't do shit for me but I like to look stuff up I went with the generations that I know are still around .
Ken Leach
Ken Leach پیش 8 ماه
Humble and lovely.
Mickey Mishra
Mickey Mishra پیش 8 ماه
Nice to see people Going Their Own Way with Projects and Life. Its the only way to go.
The GS Chronicles
The GS Chronicles پیش 8 ماه
Ignoring any jokes about rotaries and torque, when do you start running into torque limitations with twisting the E-shaft apart? Would be an interesting problem to have if you need to run different timing on rotor 6 compared to rotor 1 because of torsional loads.
RYAN C00P3R پیش 8 ماه
You got the engine now you need a body..
Dodgy Brothers Engineering
Dodgy Brothers Engineering پیش 9 ماه
In your mindless ramble you actually explained that quite well. It's hard to become famous without loosing yourself in the process. I watch a couple of IRpost channels that have taken off and the people have become a "product" of the channel. I can see you are doing this from a point of passion and drive, but at the same time need to be mindful of your income, or there can be no channel. I don't even like rotaries but I often enjoy the video, which is more about you keeping it real, then it is about the cars. Keep up the good work and I will be watching to see the 6 rotor come to life.
Dodgy Brothers Engineering
Dodgy Brothers Engineering پیش 9 ماه
Rob 2030: This year I'm building a 48 rotor...
Jesús Gallegos
Jesús Gallegos پیش 9 ماه
Dude you’re inspirational looking forward to meet you as my truck is sitting on jack stands but all you do by far even that you do it wrong you do it right! 😅
gtubyyy پیش 9 ماه
gtubyyy پیش 9 ماه
MrSlowestD16 پیش 9 ماه
Oh wow, I thought you stilled owned the computer business. You sold that before moving to CA? So is IRpost your "full time" job, or do you have another business? Also, hard to say "I had 7k to my name" when you're standing next to a Diablo with your name on the title, lol. I hated the rotary corvette TBH, and I skipped most of those videos, but I was subbed to you for a long time before that and I'll stay subbed because I really enjoy your content and you seem like a real genuine person with a genuine interest for cars. You remind me of MCM in a way.
Benjamin Hogervorst
Benjamin Hogervorst پیش 9 ماه
0:58 Example: superspeedersRob
SIXOGUY پیش 9 ماه
Talk way too much
markcozzie پیش 9 ماه
Have you even drove the 4 rotary yet?
Jimmy Hokholt
Jimmy Hokholt پیش 9 ماه
Do a BMW e46 with the 6 rotor and twin turbo it🤩
Justin Riley
Justin Riley پیش 9 ماه
Rob, love your channel, the ups and downs of any build live for all to see is a real credit. good luck with everything and the 6 rotor build.
Joseph Summers
Joseph Summers پیش 9 ماه
Guess somebody will have to build an 8 rotor next then, or may.put two 6 rotors together for a 12 rotor. What a novel idea.
Santiago Cv
Santiago Cv پیش 9 ماه
Some day I'll have enough money to do my own 4 rotor rx7
Max Diputs
Max Diputs پیش 9 ماه
I am glad you crowd fund stupid projects for yourself rather than give it to people who are starving or are dying. Another con artist who uses others money for trivial reasons. Keep the narcissism going asshole. You keep milking the same thing other people have done. After the 6 rotor, looking forward to you ripping off the 12 rotor someone else already did.
Max Diputs
Max Diputs پیش 9 ماه
Then looking forward to the 24 rotor you use as a hair dryer. Meanwhile people are being attacked by ISIS, genocide is happening, and the american middle class is being destroyed.
Grey پیش 9 ماه
With all the little cuts I'm curious how long Rob was sitting there talking to the camera?
wedgoku پیش 9 ماه
LS swaps are a "dime-a-dozen" I think that why IRpost subscribers stopped watching during your prank video- most people are just sick & tired of LS engine swaps & lost interest. I have been learning alot about Rotary engines watching your channel, I just wanted to say Thankyou!
kjnkak67 پیش 10 ماه
okay, boomer
Alejandro Cuevas
Alejandro Cuevas پیش 10 ماه
You're a genuine guy Rob.. I really enjoy watching your videos.. keep it up man! 💯🤙
Just to let you know, you inspire us as a car community 🤓✌🏽
bgdwiepp پیش 10 ماه
Hey Rob, I watch this channel for the guy who was on the bachelorette who runs a computer business in michigan, the cars are a bonus.
Daniel Ibrahim
Daniel Ibrahim پیش 10 ماه
Does anyone know who rob is talking about that screwed him over? What’s the story?
Russky پیش 10 ماه
Rob could make a fortune advertising hair products
TT3LTU پیش 10 ماه
I wonder is there a 5 rotor? There is 5 cylinder engines that sound really good, but i wonder how a 5 rotor would sound like?
Stetson Gray
Stetson Gray پیش 10 ماه
I remember when I first started watching his channel when he had the ctsv
Joshua Oddo
Joshua Oddo پیش 10 ماه
I identify as a 6 rotor.
Monkey Man
Monkey Man پیش 10 ماه
*2022* Rob: "Ok let's start building this w16 rotor"
Johnny Khorozian
Johnny Khorozian پیش 10 ماه
I believe in you Rob!!! Just like you made that 3 rotor happen && that 4 rotor! This 6 Rotor is gonna blow a hole through the roof in 2020!!! Let your passion guide you and godspeed brother!!!!
Jamieson Lloyd
Jamieson Lloyd پیش 10 ماه
word up Rob. Thanks for an awesome year of entertainment. Its been a hell of a ride this side of the camera. Happy Birthday, best wishes and seasons greetings from Australia 🥳
Scottius Nevious
Scottius Nevious پیش 10 ماه
I hear the early 30s to 40s is where the brain peaks, then it starts declining.
Henry Lugg
Henry Lugg پیش 10 ماه
Hi Rob, Never posted before, just found your channel a month ago. Thanks for the great videos. I am also building a AWD custom chassis based on the Hoonigan design. Low budget though. Can I reach you personally? Please let me know, thanks, Henry
boosted242 پیش 10 ماه
Great work buddy!!
Beccy پیش 10 ماه
I have to ask, have you ever considered the possibility of adding an e-turbo to one of your builds?
King Series
King Series پیش 10 ماه
alone? we are never alone....
King Series
King Series پیش 10 ماه
just watch a scary movie all by yourself you can tell that dark corridor someone watching you....
Hot_Pink_Bitch _
Hot_Pink_Bitch _ پیش 10 ماه
Fuck this made me think. When the hell did I find robs channel. I don’t remember. Also one day. One day I’m gonna buy a Dahm signature shirt god damn it.
Front Wheel Drip
Front Wheel Drip پیش 10 ماه
Now UPS has a reason to SHAFT you... haha. Love your videos, that redline runs across the bottom of every video you’ve uploaded since I subbed and then some. Your content is gr8 b8 m8, and I still will never get over how much you’re like your dad xd
chris bruni
chris bruni پیش 10 ماه
Your the man rob keep running with your dreams
Danny B B
Danny B B پیش 10 ماه
ROBBB ITS BEEN A WEEK?!? Are you dead?!
Liam پیش 10 ماه
this guy risking 60k on an engine and i've been thinking about buying lug nuts for 3 years.. :'(
Idunno Bouthat
Idunno Bouthat پیش 10 ماه
Took me 3 years to change the blower motor in my truck.
Leon Schoen
Leon Schoen پیش 10 ماه
I love the idear of your chanel so tell everyone about your projekts who has an interest in cars and is openminded #ROTARYSFOREEVER
pankaj sharma
pankaj sharma پیش 10 ماه
happy birth day #rob dahm
pankaj sharma
pankaj sharma پیش 10 ماه
i m keen to see your ride on circuit
murcroadster پیش 10 ماه
You should put a 6 rotor in the new Corvette body . Make it sounds different
xxcrazykeithxx پیش 10 ماه
You speak of the channel being in a bad spot. Seeing your channel grow as much as it has is absolutely insane. I originally found your channel when you were doing more Business/ motivational videos way back. Then keep browsing the channel and realize you were a gear head. Been a huge fan for 6+ years. You're a truly inspirational and genuine dude.
Brandon Van Heuklon
Brandon Van Heuklon پیش 10 ماه
Just got my Dahm T-Shirt! Love it!
Moto Man
Moto Man پیش 10 ماه
@rob you should build a 2 rotor lawnmower 😂
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams پیش 10 ماه
Congrats on this and excited to follow the build like the SEMA build. Rob, I was looking for the episode where you talk about the site/application you use for workflow project management as it would be beneficial for my job. If you see this and could reply and tell me what it is, or if another viewer could tell me what it is I’d be most appreciative!
paisa1990ac پیش 10 ماه
Best teacher in life is failure.
Lee Akers
Lee Akers پیش 10 ماه
FYI irpost.info/face/fy-lm-h-y/p2mr0dCZqGyoq38.html
Nathan Phan
Nathan Phan پیش 10 ماه
Yo, bring back the 3 rotor RX7, you need to build that up again, maybe build another 3 rotor, put it in there and this time make it as perfect as you can, seeing your old videos, you seemed to really enjoyed it, please bring it back.
Gavin Show
Gavin Show پیش 10 ماه
I appreciate you, one of the realest guys I've seen as a successful worker, countless hours of stress and tears and labor is why you are where you are today, so amazing how far you got this year and you keep your inner self. Keep up the hard work man, choose what makes you rob dahm. You will be famous someday for the amazing engineering you incorporated to your channel, its amazing your sharing it with society. People will always wait in line to meet you just to hear your story which will have value, due to the knowledge in your head. Don't forget that Mr. Dahm or Dr. Rotary lol
E36 Turbo
E36 Turbo پیش 10 ماه
@robdahm u are awesome, keep up the good work and happy bday
Matthew Lynch
Matthew Lynch پیش 10 ماه
Liten Fara
Liten Fara پیش 10 ماه
How many degrees is the step joint in the 6 rotor shaft? Is it equal to that of the 4 rotor?
Tim Kirk
Tim Kirk پیش 10 ماه
Epic recap Rob. Life long rotary nut here and I've been a subscriber for years. Thanks for putting so much content out there and for putting so much of yourself into your projects. It shows and I'm glad it's paying off.
MReg نتایج
MReg نتایج پیش 10 ماه
6 rotory ❤👍
That Guy
That Guy پیش 10 ماه
Congrats Rob I doubted you and you persevered and achieved . . How's that carpet coming on the 3 rotor? Hahahh keep on Dahmm.
twl197860 پیش 10 ماه
IDK y ppl hate the idea of a rotory Corvette even Chevy thought about it so much they actually built at least 1 prototype .
Pedro Alvarado
Pedro Alvarado پیش 10 ماه
I'll keep watching your videos even after you run out of ideas you got a big heart and an even bigger forehead
justdave100 پیش 10 ماه
Dude it's good to reflect, take stock. But we love your content so best crack on 🙌 Happy birthday 🎂
Rotor Thermotech
Rotor Thermotech پیش 10 ماه
They say it’s not the size that matters, but, surely it does !
Erik Fonder
Erik Fonder پیش 10 ماه
Need to get with the fargas brothers and build a rig would be sweet to see you do a beater car and do some burn out !!
Kaine Fruhwirth
Kaine Fruhwirth پیش 10 ماه
@ 2:56 Shoves the Ups guys head into the engine bay😂 I think Rob was mad that day
Andynonymous پیش 10 ماه
Listen I said this once on your channel, stuff that 6 rotor in an NSX. Please for fucks sake I wanna see a mid engine, 3.9L?? Wenkel application at least once in my life....
Andynonymous پیش 10 ماه
Mazda always said the RX-7's were a "front midship" whatever that means but just to see an actual perfectly balanced mid engine 6 rotor would indeed be a story to tell the grand kids. I dislike Hondas TBH but have nothing but respect beyond that but the actual NSX motor is literally a refined Honda Odyssey minivan motor. Yet the chassis is arguably THE best stock chassis that is pseudo readily available for modification PERIOD. The NSX-R has the best chassis of the family of nsx's IMO but is undeniably rare and over priced. So, id say find a 1991 base model and start figuring out what to cut out of the engine bay to make a 6 rotor and transmission fit..FUCK that right? Just think about it, it'd be like that Lambo ya got but rotary AF and honda which makes no god damn fucking sense! MWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA
GID7OB پیش 10 ماه
This isn’t just about a car..It’s so much more. I needed to hear this. Thank you
piecia311 پیش 10 ماه
Ryan Hogan
Ryan Hogan پیش 10 ماه
Happy 64th b-day can’t wait to see the 37 rotor fire up!
Victor m Hernandez
Victor m Hernandez پیش 10 ماه
Keep up the good work and keep those videos coming. we are here to back you up.
MajorReaper پیش 10 ماه
Rob should make a what it’s like to own a 4 rotor rx7 video when it’s driving and street legal
Cesar Villagomez
Cesar Villagomez پیش 10 ماه
God dammyum 36
GRT Frank
GRT Frank پیش 10 ماه
Brap brap brap brap brap brap brap
alexander skirvin
alexander skirvin پیش 10 ماه
Happy birthday dude, keep doing what you're doing
Jesse Gregory
Jesse Gregory پیش 10 ماه
Not sure if u will see this or not but just wanted to say u and your channel is awsome bro, and i can tell u this no matter what id line up to see u and not just because your famous but because ypu give me inspiration to start doing the car shit ive planned but thort was never possible, also i ware that shrt with your name on all the time and i always get complaments except the ls heads ;) shout out from carl and the 4rotors home NZ
Grandma3stro پیش 10 ماه
The content you provide is more than enough. Right now, I'm Imagining a chassis with a 6 rotor motor mid-engine setup.
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown پیش 10 ماه
Keep pushing.
James Rinaldi
James Rinaldi پیش 10 ماه
You'll always have my views man , I'm not here just for the content. You are a funny ass dude who I can literally watch all day talk about the little tiny things you are doing on the 4 rotor.
Daniel Jurek
Daniel Jurek پیش 10 ماه
What a humble man! Thank you
Fill0016 پیش 10 ماه
There is a cheep Diablo VT /SV on the site copart. It was flooded but is is only 28k. (for the 6 rotor build)
Timrepairs پیش 10 ماه
Happy Birthday Rob . Been watching your vids since the Yellow Lamborghini Vid and the short life lessons you preacher. I haven’t missed a single 4 Rotor or Corvette Build video. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have learned as much about rotary cars . Keep up the great work and just know that you inspire and motivate people like me in an indirect way and I’m really thankful for that. Cheers mate , may your future projects be 10 times more epic than the 4 Rotor Build and all other projects combined.
becauseracecar پیش 10 ماه
Keep bragging dude....
Edgar Pardo
Edgar Pardo پیش 10 ماه
Team never sleep ever.... lol
Gilbey پیش 10 ماه
You do things that no one else does on IRpost. Entertaining and very unique projects have kept me intrigued. You deserve all the success.
Shayne Jopson
Shayne Jopson پیش 10 ماه
You’re a God in the Rotary community but seriously you need to hold more faith in yourself happy birthday for a few days ago and for fucks sake I need to see this six rotor
Odyssey Tech Arts
Odyssey Tech Arts پیش 10 ماه
Happy Birthday, Rob. The work you do has inspired me to keep chasing my dreams.
michael mccarron
michael mccarron پیش 10 ماه
So who in the world can tune a 4wd 4 Rota🤔brap brap
Sonny پیش 10 ماه
We're bday buddies! Thanks for the sick videos legend
vkwhitehead پیش 10 ماه
Would love to see a cosmo 40B
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