4 Rotor Dyno made SO MUCH POWER. We couldn't measure it.

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Rob Dahm

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NEMO 74 پیش 3 روز
I had a second generation and I loved that car more than any other that I have driven since. A sorry ass doper took off in it; didn’t know what she was driving and wrecked it. I’ve been salty every since ‘99😡
PzYkØpEt3 پیش 4 روز
Yo this build got retarded power🤤
Antwaun Kent
Antwaun Kent پیش 4 روز
Ummmm alien blood??? Please tell me?!
Antwaun Kent
Antwaun Kent پیش 4 روز
....3 seconds later.... Nm....
Antwaun Kent
Antwaun Kent پیش 4 روز
And clearance! How did you keep the tire from widening and rubbing?
Strange Duck
Strange Duck پیش 6 روز
time to put it on a hub dyno
BMW Red پیش 6 روز
I remember when Rob started this build my daughter was just born I'm now happy if she has now moved out and is graduated College and his car is just now moving
Strange Duck
Strange Duck پیش 6 روز
this car is so insane, its scary to even look at
Darin R
Darin R پیش 7 روز
sound a little bit deeper than one of my old nitro powered rc cars with a tuned pipe. those little OS .12 engine after a porting job would zing to the moon in rpm. sounds real similar. pretty cool
Owaga Rodgers
Owaga Rodgers پیش 9 روز
Can we at least get a real world test out on the track! It's been all optimizing in the garage, giving our all the power, but nothing for us to celebrate on the streets
John Damage
John Damage پیش 11 روز
Is that going to be road legal?
Scratch Back
Scratch Back پیش 12 روز
Has any of the 4 rotor or 3 rotor wankels been redesigned with the 2 rotor port design?
Bigbot Hoee
Bigbot Hoee پیش 14 روز
And get a hub Dyno stop wasting time
Bigbot Hoee
Bigbot Hoee پیش 14 روز
Your shit at tuning turn it to auto tune mode and slow the Dyno down
Mykeys World
Mykeys World پیش 16 روز
RD are so sexy Did you motor swap for the Eunos Cosmos motor (Rotary which has more potential than stock RX7 motors) have you seen the tri rotor eunos turbo swap upgrade? It's pretty interesting to learn from. thanks for the great information and cool motor reving sounds gets my heart beating good.
Soul_R SKreem
Soul_R SKreem پیش 19 روز
These take-offs explain the time slippage I felt. Watch is 10 seconds faster than before 0_o!
Beer Hounds Beer Reviews!
Beer Hounds Beer Reviews! پیش 22 روز
Cheers from OC California!
DG پیش 24 روز
Shredthetrack پیش 26 روز
This is so amazing.great Work Guys
Gold Noob
Gold Noob پیش 26 روز
You're insane !
TheCatoLee پیش 26 روز
I know why you get so geared up driving this car. 17:43 you watched porn while driving it🤣😂
Robert Sumpter
Robert Sumpter پیش ماه
Can I drive it
G D پیش ماه
Next 8 rotor
links B460
links B460 پیش ماه
young people schuppid
links B460
links B460 پیش ماه
build a car then cut fenders on dyno lol dats nyce sorry stupid
Charley Wade
Charley Wade پیش ماه
The evolution of this car takes me back to Eric Bana's car.
Shane Beaudrot
Shane Beaudrot پیش ماه
So what is the approximate hp?
Shane Beaudrot
Shane Beaudrot پیش ماه
Ok, I'm going to say it, that car has too much power. It can't be harnessed.
armando patane
armando patane پیش ماه
Love the sounds that car make
Iron Horse
Iron Horse پیش ماه
Dig the car, you've gotta upgrade the trailer though...
Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division
Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division پیش ماه
"Wow"👍🏿👍🏿 good thing you can control this beast cuz if it was me😳😱☠️
ViSa Han
ViSa Han پیش ماه
Mazzei VS Rob Dahm Who agree???
Cosmic Perspective
Cosmic Perspective پیش ماه
Is this good will hunting of cars?
ian reed
ian reed پیش ماه
Axle-Hub Dynamometer
ian reed
ian reed پیش ماه
You need to find one of the dynos that bold directly to your axles . No more losing traction .
cakepanda پیش ماه
why? stick an electric motor in there that doesn't require all that tuning.
ron whittaker
ron whittaker پیش ماه
damn bubby you got a big ol headache on your hands
Triix پیش ماه
This car seems unreliable af💀 but it’s cool
rotaryskratch پیش ماه
Rob Dahm needs to put 2 Odyssey Extreme AGM 31s in the trunk, then get a Mechman alternator with an oversized pulley so that thing isn't spinning so insanely fast.
evil cadence
evil cadence پیش ماه
man, when will it be finished finally.....
Lee Gould
Lee Gould پیش ماه
Great sound but where are the cup holders?
David Bruner
David Bruner پیش ماه
Should get a mechman alternator for it.
Craig Mittong
Craig Mittong پیش ماه
I'm confused on what's taking so long to tune this monster. Sick AF! Is it a funding issue? Crowd source that bitch!
Quintin Wassenaar
Quintin Wassenaar پیش ماه
When are you building me a Rotary engine
WavySlay پیش ماه
This guy is a genius. Its like he came back from The future to show people how to tune a 4 rotor with our primitive technology.
Top Tier Auto Sales
Top Tier Auto Sales پیش ماه
1:20 active aero
iare19 پیش ماه
My question is: why? You cant put that power to the ground anyway.
Annointed One
Annointed One پیش ماه
bodhi پیش ماه
this guy comes off like a complete sociopath
abuya -
abuya - پیش ماه
ah yes.. the noises. such pleasure
Hunter Vapes
Hunter Vapes پیش ماه
MechMan Alternators should be able to handle it 🙌
ManBearPig Lee
ManBearPig Lee پیش ماه
why is the alternator working so hard ? is it a rotor engine thing, i know nothing about rotors, Is it Just from the higher RPM ?
LaimisBMW پیش ماه
Put this amazing project on a proper (hub) dyno and tune it properly. Sorry, now it's just a waste of time. As a tuner, i can't watch this bs.
wtf is this car is
Noah Stevens
Noah Stevens پیش ماه
Just said fuck it and cut the fender out while sitting on the dyno. I love it 😂
Waugy 370z
Waugy 370z پیش ماه
Serious question guys, why so much smoke? And it kinda looks blue (oil). Some people told me on reddit its because they're just like a 2 stroke dirt bike. They burn oil. Im not saying anything bad about it man. This thing is a work of art. I could listen to that beast do dyno pulls all day! Im just not to educated on rotary engines at all.
Alan Xu
Alan Xu پیش ماه
cant understand a word he says, but i know it is serious.
bradley sweat
bradley sweat پیش ماه
that car gonna need some meats on the back cause them tires just dont cut it XD
Dank Genetics
Dank Genetics پیش ماه
Wow, just wow. !!!!!
Jason Rosas
Jason Rosas پیش ماه
It sounds like a street bike🔥
Zach Ballzach
Zach Ballzach پیش ماه
I t doesn't matter how much power you make! You don't need much to drive around your parking lot!😂😂 I gave up on this thing long ago!
Kc B
Kc B پیش ماه
Absolute bonkers dude
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera پیش ماه
Aftermarket the toe bushings to prothane
Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem پیش ماه
Is this thing ever on the road. It's always on the dyno
Dean Murphy
Dean Murphy پیش ماه
This car is like the Kylo Ren meme. “MOOOOORE”
Myerah پیش ماه
Anyone else notice the back open at 1:20? 😂
MrAshm06 پیش ماه
Eye rolls at the title.
John Kuhn Jr
John Kuhn Jr پیش ماه
Fucking awesome😂
Drift Performance
Drift Performance پیش ماه
18:12 I must stay seated cuz of the errection 😂
GunOnXbox پیش ماه
Just put it on a hub dyno already
Koen Bracke
Koen Bracke پیش ماه
Waaaaaaw ! What a MONSTER !!! 👍👍👍 For us in Europe, such a car is (sadly enough) not allowed on the streets. Of course, Europe rules in shattering people’s dreams of driving a beast like that. Fucking politicians... 😂 May I ask what car the orange one in the garage is ? Kind regards, Koen (Belgium).
Jasmijn ariel
Jasmijn ariel پیش ماه
So....how how many HP you wants to achieve? Him: *hell yeah!*
Jasmijn ariel
Jasmijn ariel پیش ماه
The weakest link is obviously the tires
Jasmijn ariel
Jasmijn ariel پیش ماه
I wonder.... is this faster than a koenigsegg?
DkingE39 پیش ماه
I love technical shit like this
BAD comment BOT
BAD comment BOT پیش ماه
You mean torque right lol ,what you making like hahaha nothing guy nothing
Thairish پیش ماه
@ 3:17 GANGSTA!!!
Golden Sim
Golden Sim پیش ماه
hope you have a protection plate planed for between the wheel and your feet ,, we need to see this on a drag strip ,see the times :O
Santa pod
Dildo Baggins
Dildo Baggins پیش ماه
Smoky mt reefer
Smoky mt reefer پیش ماه
i think the wire ate the turbo more than the turbo ate the wire... overall this is an amazing build. i bet that was exhilarating
Darren Soldier
Darren Soldier پیش ماه
That's one scary motor. Put it in a Mud Truck
Anthony Lopes
Anthony Lopes پیش ماه
Looks like Leroy but not as cool
Demons Amongst Men
Demons Amongst Men پیش ماه
Run a bigger alternator and a pair of lightweight dry cell batteries in parallel Correct me if I' wrong but that would be the best thing I think for the alternator getting super hot and battery draining out
R J پیش ماه
The only vehicle when you visit a facility that when you use the dyno. You ask the owner to sign a waiver to release all rights and responsibilities if your vehicle completely brakes the rollers.
Joshua Gonzalez
Joshua Gonzalez پیش ماه
Don’t push it too much. Just listen to it
The Tall Guy Z
The Tall Guy Z پیش ماه
Literally sitting here pooping, volume only about 75 percent and my gf texts me from the living room saying turn down my video because she can hear the 4 rotor
XxwafflesxX پیش ماه
It kinda looks like the c8 is on fire at the beginning 😂
Raymond Jünger
Raymond Jünger پیش ماه
von Koenigsegg: *runs on volcanic fumes* Dahm: 19 gallons per mile, not too bad
Darin R
Darin R پیش 7 روز
eats fuel like a 2 stroke dirtbike lol
Francisco Vasquez
Francisco Vasquez پیش ماه
Declan Frahm
Declan Frahm پیش ماه
I found you on insta ages ago.. i had no clue you had a youtube woah
Apex. Cesar
Apex. Cesar پیش ماه
This shit is never going to be finished call the vargas brother’s
steff k
steff k پیش ماه
Rob.....i must say your car will be so much better than that mazzei formula car or whoever that guy is. Cant wait to see you smoke that fruit cup.....
AT Balakay
AT Balakay پیش ماه
so why not dyno in a higher gear? or did i miss something?
Daniel Beller
Daniel Beller پیش ماه
I think if you lowered the tires all the way and strapped it down then fill the psi up it could solve some problems
That one guy
That one guy پیش ماه
I have a 88 rx7 I wish I could do a cat delete but ifk how to do custom exhaust work. So sadly all I have is a 2 1/2 to a 3” from the cat back
wyeth پیش ماه
LoL 15:13 PHUB on dash
My God i love this car
James Holbrook
James Holbrook پیش ماه
Before he started the pulls I was like did the tires clearance the fenders
Chris J
Chris J پیش ماه
I could only imagine how amazing that would be in a jetboat
Junior Carvalho
Junior Carvalho پیش ماه
installs a FuelTech injection, the best!
Herb out west
Herb out west پیش ماه
Dude says he uses a gallon of fuel per pull!? Wtf
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